Inspirational Jam: “Stages”-Jade Novah

“I’ve let some people down, didn’t fight back…made some choices that were good and some I want back. Went through s**t only to end up runnin’ right back…I got issues, but we all got issues like that…”

I love this new album Stages from singer Jade Novah but especially the title track! So much so, that I made it an Inspirational Jam in hopes to encourage someone. It’s definitely encouraging to me.

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Inspirational Jam: “Easier Said”-Alessia Cara

“Healin’ and patience are lovers…don’t place the blame on your heart just to shut ’em up. There ain’t a rush to recover…”

This Inspirational Jam by Alessia Cara is dedicated to those who may be battling grief, hurt, depression, anxiety, etc., and are being told to simply pick themselves up and keep moving. I know for myself

“Easier Said” is a song about recovery. Instead of always seeking to be happy and ignore the bad, Alessia sings about the fact that basking in your sadness is necessary. And it is. It’s okay not to be okay.

I know all too well the importance of sitting in your feelings and going through grief and hurt. It is in moments of sadness where you are able to look at your circumstances dead in the face and better come to terms with whatever is going on. Acting like everything is okay all the time will ultimately have you in a breakdown mode when stuff finally hits you. No matter what anyone tells you, you simply can’t be strong all the time. It’s okay to break down, to vent to trusted people, and to sit in your sadness.

Prayer and positive thoughts to anyone battling depression, anxiety, and other mental issues. If you need to talk to someone, please consider reaching out to a hotline for additional help.

Take a listen to the song below.

Inspirational Jam: “Go Big Or Go Home”-Jess Moskaluke

“From the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, give it everything you’ve got…now’s the time!”

I heard this song on an episode of Heartland, and it’s a serious mood! Canadian singer Jess Moskaluke‘s “Go Big Or Go Home” is a great Inspirational Jam to give you a nudge to stop playing around with your goals and get to work!

We all have big dreams, but do we have big efforts? Are our actions matching the levels where we want to be or the goals we want? Or are we not taking it all seriously? If you’re going to do something, you need to give it your all. Otherwise, just leave it be. That’s what this song is all about.

Take a listen to the song below!

Inspirational Jam: “A Life That’s Good”-Lennon and Maisy

“I don’t need fame. No one to know my name. At the end of the day, Lord I pray I have a life that’s good…”

So, I used to be a big fan of ABC’s show Nashville, and this singing sister duo, Lennon and Maisy, were two talented young stars on there. This was one of the first songs I heard from them, and the message of the track really stood out. It came on shuffle for me recently, so I had to make it an Inspirational Jam.

On “A Life That’s Good,” Lennon and Maisy sing about wanting a life, not filled with riches or fame, but a life filled with love and gratitude. What matters most is enjoying life’s little moments and living every day to the fullest. A life that’s good is one that ultimately brings you peace and joy, even with its temporary stresses and frustrations.

I need this reminder now and then because I often get caught up in work and money. While that’s an important part of life (let’s not lie), it’s not the most important part. It’s making time for family and friends, reaping the rewards of my labor, enjoying my life that God has blessed me with. It’s not all about getting rich and having all of these material possessions. It’s fine to hustle and get to the money, but make sure you keep things in perspective.

Take a listen to “A Life That’s Good” below!

Inspirational Jam: “Best Day Of My Life”-American Authors

“I’m never gonna look back…Woah, never gonna give it up. No, just don’t wake me now…”

So I can’t call myself a huge fan of rock band American Authors, but I do love this song and all that it represents to me. Makes for a great Inspirational Jam!

The band’s track, “Best Day Of My Life” is all about celebrating the day you’re given, determined to make it a great one. Now, not every day or week ends up being that way. But I like to start on a positive tone, hoping it trickles down throughout the hours. Just considering every day a fresh start, a new beginning, regardless of what happened the day before, makes me happy.

Like I said, every day is not great, but I like to celebrate the days or even the moments that are. This song makes me want to dance around and make the most out of the day. Hope it uplifts you today!