LOL: Boy “Preaches” About Why He Can’t Do His Homeschool Work In Hilarious Viral Video

Y’all, this video was too funny not to share on the site.

Mom Rosalyn Pollard Hart shared a funny video of her son Ramon attempting to get out of doing schoolwork at home during the quarantine. In the now-viral clip, the boy mimics a preacher while waiting for a school video to slowly load, talking about it’s a sign from up above that he needs to take a break. Continue reading “LOL: Boy “Preaches” About Why He Can’t Do His Homeschool Work In Hilarious Viral Video”

LOL: The Class of 2038 Will Have Some Hilarious Quarantine Names According To TikTok Video

In these crazy times, we all need love and laughs right now. I take them where I can get them, so I want to share some with you.

TikTok user @tali_sweetheart_mom created a video with the future Class of 2038 (18 years from now). As each “graduate” crosses the stage, the unique names that they might receive during quarantine are called.

Continue reading “LOL: The Class of 2038 Will Have Some Hilarious Quarantine Names According To TikTok Video”

LOL: Mom Celebrates Her Kids Going Back To School with a Solo Trip To Disney World

I saw this story and had to share! I’m sure that the moms out there can relate.

This mom loves her sons to pieces, as caring parents do. However, like most parents, she was excited to send them back to school after summer vacation. In fact, she was so excited that she decided to treat herself to a day at the most magical place on earth.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner and her family live in Orlando, FL, just a mile away from Walt Disney World. Since they’re so close, they are regular patrons of the parks. On the first day of school for her sons, she planned to go do some laundry after dropping them off. Lisa soon changed her mind. “I was like, you know what? I’m taking a moment and I’m going to take a walk in Magic Kingdom,” she shared in an interview with WOFL in Orlando.

During her special trip, Lisa spent the day meeting and snapping pics with the different characters. She even carried a Walt Disney World pin along with her that she was celebrating the first day of school! Many of the characters even held the pin for her pictures. “And then I saw the Fairy Godmother and it was all over — we just connected on another level,” Lisa shared. “[She] just got it immediately. We were both crying and laughing.”

HA! I ain’t mad at ya, Mom! I swear this is the type of mom I’ll end up being. Drop the kids back and then go have a fun day for myself.

Watch more of her story below!

LOL: Dad Gives Screaming Infant A Taste Of His Own Medicine

I’ve been laughing at this video for most of the week! A dad was fed up with his newborn infant crying all the time, so he decided to flip the script and show the baby what it feels like.

As his one-month-old son fussed, Russell Hawes began to “cry” dramatically too. The baby was shocked and quickly fell silent, looking at his dad in semi-annoyance. “Yeah, you don’t like that huh? It’s not funny, is it?” Russell asked. The baby stared at him still completely taken aback. The

Can’t even lie, when I have kids, I see myself doing that one day out of total exhaustion LOL. Watch the hilarious video below!

LOL: KevOnStage Is Me When It Comes to Liking All Types of Music

Comedian KevOnStage just hit the nail on the head when it comes to liking all kinds of music…and I mean ALL kinds!

For those of y’all who don’t know him, Kev regularly gives his hilarious take on real life topics like, church, music, and relationships. He boasts thousands of followers and millions of views, so he’s definitely out here killing it with his comedy. Over the weekend, he dropped a new video about having an eclectic taste in music, and singing everything from gospel and pop, to R&B and trap (at the top of his lungs no less!). My sister shared it with me, knowing that I could relate This clip is most definitely me…sometimes all in one day. I am not ashamed! 

Definitely a good laugh to kick off the morning. Watch below (FYI–check your volume because he goes in)!