Keith Urban Surprises Seriously Ill Fan After She Couldn’t Attend His Concert

Country singer Keith Urban got to meet his #1 fan in Ohio who’s battling serious health issues.

25-year-old Marissa English was supposed to attend Keith’s recent show in Toledo, Ohio. She’s a huge fan of the singer, according to her mom, Marlise Matthews. “She adores him. Everything revolves around Keith. She loves his music and loves pictures of him around,” Marlisse revealed to Inside Edition.

However, Marissa was too sick to go and ended up in the hospital instead of the show. She was born with grave health conditions including severe scoliosis, cerebral palsy and an inoperable cyst on her brain. Doctors didn’t expect her to live long, but she has survived for 25 years and enjoyed her life. Sadly though, the young woman is now headed to hospice care.

Nurses started a social media campaign, working to get Keith to come to visit Marissa. He obliged, and it was the biggest surprise that Marissa ever received! “When he first walked in, I don’t think it quite registered as to who he was, ’till she looked at the picture of him hanging beside her bed,” Marlise said. Then she pointed to to him, and “it all connected that he was actually standing at her bedside.”

Keith not only gave her hugs and posed for pictures, but he also gave Marissa her own little private concert! He sang his hit song, “Blue Ain’t Your Color, while holding her hand…a moment she nor her mom will ever forget. Man, I love celeb moments like this!

Watch the precious moment below!

This Terminally Ill Mom Gets Her Final Wish To See Her Daughter Graduate From High School

A high school student was determined for her terminally ill mother to see her graduate. In the end, she made her mom’s final wish come true!

Elizabeth De Leon, mom to 18-year-old Cassidy, had been diagnosed with colon cancer back in April 2014. Over time, the mom became much worse. There were no guarantees that she’d be able to make it to Cassidy’s graduation on June 21.

So Cassidy’s older brother, Richard Pagan, came up with a brilliant plan. He reached out to Cassidy’s principal at Washingtonville High School in New York, asking him to award Cassidy her diploma down at the hospital where Elizabeth was being treated. Cassidy’s principal, Brian Connolly, happily obliged.

So, on Memorial Day, Cassidy got decked out in her cap and gown, and family and friends met at the hospital to watch the teen receive her diploma. Of course, the proudest one there was her mom! “She was in and out of consciousness throughout her whole hospital stay. Once the graduation happened, her eyes were open and she gave me a small little smile,” Cassidy said to Inside Edition. “It was really emotional. I was happy and very sad.”

Watch the beautiful moment below…

Sadly, Elizabeth passed away the very next morning. However, for Cassidy, she finds peace in knowing that her mom got to see her finish this stage in her life. “All I wanted to do was show my mom that I was going to be okay, and I finished school, and I am going to go to college,” Cassidy revealed. “She was the most amazing woman I will ever know.” So touching!

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