Inspirational Jam: “Do It Anyway”-Erica Mason

“I love the way I took the pain and now it’s working for me…I’m coming back for everything that was taken

For today’s Inspirational Jam, I had to share this track, “Do It Anyway” by hip hop and R&B artist/songwriter Erica Mason. This song, which was released in late 2022, gets me fired up in the morning to tackle my to-do lists so I figured I would share!

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Inspirational Jam: “Yes I Can”-Via The Great

“You won’t see me in a month or two. It don’t matter how uncomfortable…know I gotta go and get it. If you ain’t with it, I can’t roll with you…”

This Inspirational Jam from rapper Via The Great is one that I’ve been listening to for the past few months. It’s definitely a motivational song that will keep you focused on your dreams.

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