Words of Wisdom: “You’ve Gotta Put In the Work”-Loni Love

A lot of us have heard about the Law of Attraction, essentially the belief that what you mentally focus on will happen in your life. If you think it, you will achieve it basically, which I believe to an extent. Your attitude and beliefs will shape your actions which will ultimately shape your results. 

Loni Love of daytime TV show The Real spoke on how it’s important to have action behind your positive thinking. She herself hoped for the chance to be on TV and to advance in her comedy career, but she had to be on her grind in order to get there. You won’t advance by just believing, meditating and praying that you will get that new job, or that your stats on your blog or channel will rise. All of those things are great, but you also have to put in the work!

Faith without works is dead, and dreams without grind are dead too, okay? That’s why I love this short video from Loni. Simply put, dreams don’t work unless you do!

Check out Loni’s thoughts below!

Words of Wisdom: “Hard Work Pays Off”-Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is a prime example of the saying, “Hard work pays off!”

Kevin Hart is definitely a dude that I’m inspired by, simply because he works his tail off to get to where he wants to be and to STAY THERE. 

The first time that I remember seeing him was his lead role in 2004’s Soul Plane. I would see his face in supporting roles in movies here and there, but nowhere near the level he is at now! Some people think that Kevin just kind of started out (his 2009 comedy special Kevin Hart: I’m a Grown Little Man helped him grow). No, this guy has been working at it for a LONG time. He may have just started popping over the past 8 years or so, but Kevin’s career really spans probably 20 years, or close to it!

Kevin’s journey in general reminds me that there are no shortcuts to success! You have to put in the work, and, even still, you will face a lot of rejection in spite of it, which can be discouraging. However, when you know and believe in your passion and purpose, you can’t help but keep going. You HAVE to put in the work, though, believing that, one day, you will get to the top of your mountain. When you do, you have to work even harder to stay there. Hard work pays off!

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