LOL: This Hilarious Video Shows Student In Louisiana Having a Ball in the Snow

The first snowfall of the season for many of us on the East Coast came this weekend, prompting some shoveling and mini snowmen. It wasn’t a lot, but enough for people to have fun with it, especially this guy from Louisiana, who recorded a funny video taping his reaction!

Louisiana State University student Da’Quan Chip Bellard really didn’t know how to act when Winter Storm Benji hit his area. It never snows down there, so he decided to enjoy himself, running out into the snow shirtless, all while playing  “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. This dude even made some snow angels LOL I can’t deal! He eventually posted the video online, giving us all a real good laugh!

Watch Da’Quan’s hilarious video below…

LOL: Father Lost For Words After Finding Out He’s Having His Fifth Baby Girl

Oh lawd, this poor dad was stunned after finding out the sex of his fifth child, he couldn’t even speak!

Mark and Angel Taylor of Arlington, TX, are already parents to four girls, Jordyn, 12, Juliyn, 9 Jaxsyn, 3 and Jestyn, 9 months. Needless to say, after finding out that Angel was carrying their fifth child, Mark was probably hoping for a little boy! I can’t imagine how the ladies of the house probably gang up on him now.

Welp, sadly, Mark didn’t get his wish! Angel recorded his reaction as he walked through the door to pink balloons on his living room floor, revealing that baby girl #5 was on the way. According to the mom, Mark was quiet for a full two hours after he got the news. “He just wouldn’t talk,” she revealed to ABC News. After the two suffered a miscarriage, Mark held out hope. “My husband’s thinking, ‘This is a miracle baby, so this has to be a boy,” Angel added. “He always wanted to call the baby [boy] Tre. I already came to terms that this was a baby girl.”

Watch the funny video below!

Mark’s shock did eventually wear off, and he expressed excitement over having another girl in the family. “Five is my favorite number, so five girls is fitting,” he said. Baby Jazlyn is set to arrive on May 3, so the family has some time to prepare, especially Mark. Sending up some special prayers for him, especially for when these ladies get older LOL!


LOL: Airline Passenger Breaks Out Into Full-On Song While Waiting For His Flight

Traveling isn’t always the most fun experience, especially when it comes to airports (personally, I get crazy anxiety until I get where I’m going!). But there are some rare instances where gate agents and passengers have a little fun to pass the waiting time!

A few weeks ago down in New Orleans, a gate agent for Southwest Airlines at the Louis Armstrong International Airport jokingly invited passengers to sing a song into the intercom. Well, one passenger hit the mic, and he didn’t come to play! 

In a video posted on Facebook, the man was heard finishing a rendition of Oasis‘ “Wonderwall” before going into “No Diggity” by Blackstreet. The guy even pulled out some dance moves, entertaining the big group of passengers in the surrounding gates, before dropping the mic. I needed that laugh today!

Watch below…


LOL: The Best of the Adorable McClure Twins

Late last year, 3-year-old twins, Ava and Alexis McClure went viral after a YouTube video with their mom, Ami, interviewing them about what it means to be identical twins. It all went downhill after poor Alexis broke out in tears after finding out (or really remembering) that she was a minute younger than Ava!

The video BLEW UP, with people all over falling in love with these little girls’ videos on YouTube! As Mama McClure “interviews” them, their responses are so hilarious, adorable, and unfiltered as only young kids can be! I had to share this “best of” video of Ava and Alexis, because it always makes me smile and laugh!

Watch below! Continue reading “LOL: The Best of the Adorable McClure Twins”

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