Tia Mowry Set To Develop Lighthearted TV Series About Families In Quarantine

With everything going on in the world from the pandemic to racial injustice, many of us can use laughs and lighthearted moments right now. Well, Tia Mowry has a new show in the works that is going to perfect for that!

In a report from Deadline, the actress will host Tia Mowry’s Challenge Accepted, produced by Kin and Jukin Media featuring families finding fun things together to do in quarantine!

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LOL: Watch News Meteorologist Break It Down For The #BeforeILetGoChallenge

I don’t know about you, but I have been loving watching the videos from Beyoncé‘s #BeforeILetGoChallenge. If you’ve been a little under a rock, it stems from Bey’s cover of the classic Frankie Beverly and Maze hit.

People have been putting their own little spin on the dance instructions Beyoncé gives on the track, including a most recent clip by Nick Kosir, the morning meteorologist at FOX 46 Charlotte. He’s done a bunch of dance videos below for fun and has been getting a lot of applause for his great moves.

Of course, he had to hit the #BeforeILetGoChallenge for the people real quick, and I loved it! One of my faves for sure.

Watch Nick go below!

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