Learning to B Good with Being Alone

This post….is for the singles. The ones who smile seeing their friends get married and have kids, while lowkey wondering when it will be their turn. I’m with you. This post is NOT for the judgemental. This is a transparent post for me that I hope reaches whoever it’s supposed to reach. If it don’t apply, let it fly.

Let me start this post by saying this isn’t meant to be bitter, mad, or upset. I’m really not. This is not a man-bashing post or a post to lament my singleness. This isn’t a post to open the door for dates, either. *laughs* I’ve just been taking a lot of time to learn things about myself and my patterns these past few years. Including my dating and relationship habits and how they’ve reflected who I am and what I needed to work on. This post has been on my heart for a long, long time. Today, May 1, 2022, on the fifth anniversary of Imperfectly B, as I work towards a new level of the site, it seems fitting to write on this. Soooo….here we go.

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