Widower Donates Life Insurance Money To Help Pay Others’ Medical Debt

Danny Roberson was married to the love of his life, Betty, for sixteen years. They were happy, but soon, tragedy would disrupt their lives.

Betty developed a cancerous tumor and underwent chemotherapy to try to treat it. During that time, Danny was also diagnosed with cancer, developing a tumor in his face. He refused to get treatment just so he could help contribute to Betty’s own treatment.

Sadly, Betty eventually passed away from her tumor this past February. After Betty passed, Danny finally got treatment for his facial tumor. After a successful surgery, he is recovering well. But he also wanted to pay tribute to Betty in a special way.

Danny recently donated $10,000 of Betty’s life insurance payout to nonprofit RIP Medical Debt, which buys out people’s medical debt for pennies on the dollar. So, with the $10,000, Danny’s selfless donation will get rid $1 MILLION in medical debt for others––no small thing at all! “When they go out and see that RIP medical envelope in their mailbox, I know God is blessing them and I know Betty may have had a little bit to do with that,” Danny said in an interview.

In a difficult time where you’ve had to say goodbye to someone, you’re very rarely thinking of other people outside of your own loved ones. I know that all too well. So for this man to decide that he wanted to honor his wife’s memory in this way is truly beautiful to hear! Continued thoughts and prayers go to Danny and his family.

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