#MustWatch: Debbie Allen Continues Her ‘Dance Dreams’ In New Netflix Documentary

I haven’t done a #MustWatch post in a long, long while. I plan to do more but only when I find documentaries or shows that really inspire me to tap more into my passions

That was the case when I watched one of the latest Netflix documentaries centering around the legendary Debbie Allen — dancer, choreographer, actress, producer, entrepreneur, and the list goes on! This woman has a resume miles long so when I saw that Netflix was doing a documentary on her (produced by Shonda Rhimes, no less!), I knew I would be watching! Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker gives viewers an inside look at Ms. Allen’s career, her dance academy, and her unique production of The Nutcracker that she puts on every year with hundreds of students!

But, of course, there’s valuable lessons to take away from the documentary as well.

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LOL: Watch News Meteorologist Break It Down For The #BeforeILetGoChallenge

I don’t know about you, but I have been loving watching the videos from Beyoncé‘s #BeforeILetGoChallenge. If you’ve been a little under a rock, it stems from Bey’s cover of the classic Frankie Beverly and Maze hit.

People have been putting their own little spin on the dance instructions Beyoncé gives on the track, including a most recent clip by Nick Kosir, the morning meteorologist at FOX 46 Charlotte. He’s done a bunch of dance videos below for fun and has been getting a lot of applause for his great moves.

Of course, he had to hit the #BeforeILetGoChallenge for the people real quick, and I loved it! One of my faves for sure.

Watch Nick go below!


Watch This Seven-Year-Old Hit The Floor With His Incredible Breakdancing Skills!

DJ Loheit is only seven years old but he’s making a name for himself with his breakdancing skills! He’s danced all over from competitions to the beach and even in New York City’s Times Square, where he stole the show from some grown-up breakdancers.

DJ has a smaller frame because of his dwarfism, but that doesn’t stop him from giving his all in his dancing! “He’s the most enthusiastic one in the family for sure. He’s a crowd-pleaser and he draws crowds from all over the place to just come and dance with him and be with him,” his mom, Niki Loheit, shared with InsideEdition.com. “I love to dance all the time. I love to dance anywhere,” DJ added. “I dance anywhere I can.” 

He also gets a lot of love from others in the dwarf community. “We began attending events for little people, so he really has a lot of friends, people we have seen around the U.S. in our travels, so he really has a strong community,” Loheit explained. And others who watch him are so impressed by his fire moves that they don’t focus on the fact that he’s a little person in the first place.

Check out more of DJ’s story and dancing below!

LOL: Houston Rockets Usher Shows Off His Wild Moves for the Dance Cam

Had to share this viral video that’s been going around, because it definitely made me smile and laugh today!

At a recent Houston Rockets game, an usher was standing in position, waiting to escort people to their seats. The dance cam happened to be panning the audience and zeroed in on the man. You can tell he was trying so hard to keep it professional since he was on the job. However, the dance cam kept on circling back to him, hoping to see him go off! Pressured by the camera and the fans, the guy finally gave in and SHUT IT DOWN! 

Watch his moves below!

College Mascot Kills It on Football Field with Epic Dance Performance

Cosmo the Cougar, the mascot for Brigham Young University, has gone viral after killing it on the football field with some amazing dance moves!

In a recent game with BYU versus Boise State University,  Cosmo hit the field with the school’s dance team, the Cougarettes. Dancing to Ayo & Teo’s “Rolex,” whoever’s in this suit was going OFF! He was on point with every single step, even in that costume.

Watch him tear it up below!

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