Inspirational Jam: “Crown”-CHIKA

“You deserve the world and if no one else will say it, then I’ll spit it to the mic in the studio when I lay it. Now play it when you discouraged…I know chasin’ the impossible take some courage…”

I’m a big fan of rising artist CHIKA for her talent and creativity. This track, “Crown” is one of the reasons why and is a great Inspirational Jam for anyone who needs encouragement to keep going right now.

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Inspirational Jam: “My Power”-CHIKA

“I’m a beast, rule breaker, clean up major…when I pull up to the scene, I put that pen to the paper. I change trajectory, never can get the best of me…”

I hope that this Inspirational Jam from rising artist CHIKA reminds you of the power you have inside of you.

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