Megan Thee Stallion Launches “Thee Don’t Stop Scholarship” for Women of Color

Megan Thee Stallion is so hot in music right now that we sometimes forget this girl is still working on her college degree herself. She knows all too well the struggle of being in school, particularly during this coronavirus pandemic. So the rapper is giving back to female students of color with a special scholarship that is sure to help them in their academic pursuits!

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Kevin Durant Officially Opens The Durant Center In Maryland Hometown

No matter how big he gets, Kevin Durant will never forget about home! The basketball star came back to Suitland, MD, on January 23, 2018 to officially open his own center to serve the community.

The Durant Center will serve low-income and underserved students in Prince George’s County, MD, assisting them with college applications and graduation. The facility will offer academic, financial, and social resources to help these students attain their goals for school and their future careers.
“When my foundation partnered with College Track last year, we said from day one we wanted it to live inside a facility we could develop for Prince George’s County,” Kevin shared in an interview. “The opening of the Durant Center is truly a dream come true for me and my family.”

It’s no surprise to me to see KD launching this center. I’m from PG County, and I’ve seen and read about his giving back to the area, specifically when it comes to education. It’s important here and nationwide, especially in areas where some kids feel hopeless and without help. Kids everywhere should have access to resources and help from mentors and teachers to further their education. I know that this center will be extremely beneficial to students and I look forward to seeing more great news from the facility.

Watch a clip from the launch below!


Keith Urban Surprises Seriously Ill Fan After She Couldn’t Attend His Concert

Country singer Keith Urban got to meet his #1 fan in Ohio who’s battling serious health issues.

25-year-old Marissa English was supposed to attend Keith’s recent show in Toledo, Ohio. She’s a huge fan of the singer, according to her mom, Marlise Matthews. “She adores him. Everything revolves around Keith. She loves his music and loves pictures of him around,” Marlisse revealed to Inside Edition.

However, Marissa was too sick to go and ended up in the hospital instead of the show. She was born with grave health conditions including severe scoliosis, cerebral palsy and an inoperable cyst on her brain. Doctors didn’t expect her to live long, but she has survived for 25 years and enjoyed her life. Sadly though, the young woman is now headed to hospice care.

Nurses started a social media campaign, working to get Keith to come to visit Marissa. He obliged, and it was the biggest surprise that Marissa ever received! “When he first walked in, I don’t think it quite registered as to who he was, ’till she looked at the picture of him hanging beside her bed,” Marlise said. Then she pointed to to him, and “it all connected that he was actually standing at her bedside.”

Keith not only gave her hugs and posed for pictures, but he also gave Marissa her own little private concert! He sang his hit song, “Blue Ain’t Your Color, while holding her hand…a moment she nor her mom will ever forget. Man, I love celeb moments like this!

Watch the precious moment below!

Vera Bradley and Blessings in a Backpack Teams Up With Celebs to Donate 25,000 Backpacks To Kids In Need

Fashion brand Vera Bradley just wrapped its big charity initiative with non-profit Blessings in a Backpack. During a complete tour with different celebrity guests, the company was able to give 25,000 backpacks filled with food for kids in need!

Vera Bradley hosted carnival-themed events for seven elementary schools across the country, giving out these backpacks. During the events, the kids were able to have some good fun to kick off the school year. They participated in a bunch of carnival activities including skee ball, Circus City Slide, bungee run, a full-on obstacle course, and more! What’s even better is that the students will also receive more food for their families each week to last them through the weekend.

Celebrities that joined the companies for the ride included Shawn Johnson East and Andrew East, Sarah Michelle Gellar, JoJo Fletcher, Kevin and Danielle Jonas and more.  “Being able to support these children and their families and create a positive experience that puts a smile on their faces is the ultimate reward,” said Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, co-founder of Vera Bradley. “We feel very fortunate to partner with Blessings in a Backpack to give back to our communities.”

This truly makes a difference to kids whose families may not have the funds for proper meals throughout the week. It’s something that I know I take for granted at times. It’s good to see the team at Vera Bradley getting involved and making a positive impact in these children’s lives!


Inspirational Jam: “Pretty Hurts”-Beyoncé

“Ms. Third Ward…what is your aspiration in life?” “Oh, well my aspiration in life would be…to be happy.”

When Beyoncé first released her self-titled album and I listened to “Pretty Hurts,” I got pretty emotional. While I was never a pageant girl like Bey, I had (and still sometimes do) go through intense scrutiny of my physical appearance. A lot of us do. In honor of her birthday this week, though, I wanted to drop this as an Inspirational Jam to show to love to anyone going through this right now.

The song and accompanying video takes Beyoncé back to her pageant days when she was scrutinized for her appearance, walk, speech, and talent. Even as a singer, she was and still is. Back then, I’m sure she obsessed over being perfect from her looks to her performances. Now, she’s begun to realize that perfection doesn’t exist. The obsession for perfection often makes people do crazy things to try to achieve it, from severely altering their body to overworking themselves. But, like Bey said, “it’s the soul that needs the surgery.

Watch the official video below!

I’ve gone through some stuff to try to achieve what I thought was “the perfect body.” I’ll write more about that in another post, but I quickly found that it didn’t matter what size I was. If I didn’t truly learn to love myself as I was, flaws and all, I would find something else to nitpick at and obsess over changing it. Slowly but surely, I embraced my looks, my personality, and my quirks. I learned to love the fact that I was perfectly imperfect, and saw that others embraced me for that as well. This song was a part of that journey for me. I hope it uplifts anyone going through self-esteem issues, particularly when it comes to your body. Cliché I know, but there is true beauty in your imperfections.

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