Inspirational Jam: “Bright”-Kehlani

“Can’t nobody love somebody that do not love themselves…You are what you choose to be. It’s not up to no one else.”

I’ll be honest with you guys. Though I hope that this blog inspires and helps y’all, so many times it’s to uplift my own self. Especially on days when I’m really struggling. This song by Kehlani came to mind, and it was the Inspirational Jam that I personally needed to hear today.

Kehlani’s “Bright,” from her You Should Be Here mixtape is encouraging to both the ladies and guys alike. Basically, a lot of us have our insecurities, right? Even if they don’t always come up and even if we try to deny them. The singer encourages us all to learn to love ourselves and be great in spite of our flaws. Shoot, to not even see them as nasty flaws but perfectly imperfect quirks and quips that make us who we are.

I have quite a few insecurities, as I’ve written about a few times before. One day, I’ll really go in depth, but a lot of it has to do with my appearance and work. While I’ve done a lot of self-reflection, crying, venting, and prayer to try to overcome them, there are still small moments of time where I don’t feel like I’m enough. I don’t feel pretty enough or smart enough or talented enough. Days like today. I thought of this song and it helped to brighten my day a little. I’m off to listen to this and other encouraging music today. Hope this helps someone!

Take a listen to “Bright” below…


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