Words Of Wisdom: “Invest In Your Dream”-Bishop T.D. Jakes

This Words of Wisdom video featuring audio from a sermon by Bishop T.D. Jakes is one that will get your life together for sure. I know it pushed me to get some things in order. I hope it motivates you today and beyond.

Entrepreneurs, influencers, artists, freelancers, and others alike—we ask for people to support us. We want people to retweet, like, share and buy our content and work on a regular basis. But, if we’re honest, sometimes we don’t put that same energy into doing our own work. That’s what this video is about.

Bishop Jakes said it so eloquently: “Do you have anything that you’re dreaming that you’re willing to be committed to enough to see it happen or are you throwing pennies in the wishing well of life wanting to receive on credit something that you’re not willing to pay for?” We want the success but it takes A LOT to get there. I’m not some mega blogger or influencer right now, but even with the successes I’ve had, it’s taken a lot of work, tears, focus and perseverance. It takes investing in yourself on a regular basis. Even when you don’t feel like it. Even in the midst of doubts and frustration.

Watch the powerful video below!


Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Give Up On Your Dream”-Bishop T.D. Jakes

I want to offer up these Words of Wisdom from Bishop T.D. Jakes today for people who are feeling discouraged as they press towards their goals.

At one point, everyone has felt like they wanted to give up on themselves (some may even quit). I know I have wanted to quit on several occasions, and I’ve come pretty close. Watching this video gave me some real encouragement. Bishop Jakes is adamant that we all have something to offer this world with our gifts and dreams, even if it doesn’t seem like they’ll become reality. Even if we want to give up. Bishop Jakes encourages us to press forward anyway with this message. “It may take you twice as long. You may have to take courses and classes,” he says in the clip. “You might not read as fast. You might not move as quick. You might not have as much, but DON’T YOU QUIT.” 

A WORD. I know that sometimes I get discouraged about my life overall, believing that I’m not moving as fast or doing as much as others. I’m learning to stop comparing my journey to others and be confident in what I have to give. No matter how long it takes me to make my goals happen, I’m not stopping. How about you?

Watch Bishop Jakes’ words of wisdom below!

Words of Wisdom: “Holding Onto History, You Could Lose Your Destiny”-Bishop T.D. Jakes

This old video is definitely a MAJOR WORD from Bishop T.D. Jakes!

During one of Oprah‘s famed life classes on OWN, Bishop Jakes gave this powerful message of letting go of your past to make it to your destiny! And if you don’t, there’s a possibility that you’ll miss out on where you should be, because you won’t have enough energy to go after more. “If you’re going to spend all of that energy energizing where you’ve been, then you’re not going to have the fuel and the fire and the tenacity and the aggressiveness that you need to energize where you’re going,” Bishop Jakes said in the video. Case in point, LET. YOUR. PAST. GO. 

Often, we stay stuck for a while in what happened to us in our past, rehearsing those moments in our minds and not moving on to what’s ahead for us. Not even just the bad parts of your past that you need to forgive others or even yourself for, but also, to me, your past SUCCESSES. Yes, it’s easy to get caught up in the good old days too! So much so, that you feel entitled and stop working as hard or as smart as you need to. Stop rehearsing the past, and embrace the possibilities of your destiny! 

Watch Bishop Jakes’ message below…

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