LOL: Dad Gives Screaming Infant A Taste Of His Own Medicine

I’ve been laughing at this video for most of the week! A dad was fed up with his newborn infant crying all the time, so he decided to flip the script and show the baby what it feels like.

As his one-month-old son fussed, Russell Hawes began to “cry” dramatically too. The baby was shocked and quickly fell silent, looking at his dad in semi-annoyance. “Yeah, you don’t like that huh? It’s not funny, is it?” Russell asked. The baby stared at him still completely taken aback. The

Can’t even lie, when I have kids, I see myself doing that one day out of total exhaustion LOL. Watch the hilarious video below!

LOL: Babies Race In Adorable ACC Tournament Crawl

I saw this video a few days ago and it made me smile! During the ACC Tournament game between Pittsburgh and Boston College, a baby race was held at halftime. Six babies were to crawl from one end of the court to the other for the race, though they, of course, had no idea that they were even competing. So distractions arise, leading to a dramatic finish that left the audience going crazy!

While I wouldn’t want my kid crawling around on the floor like that (they may have cleaned it beforehand, I don’t know), it was still super cute to watch. I’ve also had baby fever again lately on the low, so anything cute and baby-related, I swoon.

Watch the adorable race below!

Infant Gets Hearing Aid and Listens to Mom’s Voice for the First Time

This video brought me a well-needed smile today!

After receiving a hearing aid, a three-month-old was able to hear her mom’s voice for the first time in a touching video!

Alison Potts was born with Waardenburg syndrome, a rare genetic disorder often characterized by varying degrees of deafness as well as a white forelock of hair and skin pigmentation loss. She passed it on to three of her eight kids, including her youngest daughter, Ellianna, who was born unable to hear.

Well little Ellianna recently received her first hearing aid, and when she finally heard her mom’s voice, the infant’s reaction was so heartwarming!  “It was definitely one of the most fantastic feelings in the world,” Alison told “The expression on her face was priceless.”

Watch the adorable reaction below!


Navy Wife Shocks Her Sailor After His Deployment with Pregnancy Surprise

This story made me smile and shed a few tears too on this beautiful Friday morning. Now, I’m a complete sucker for military homecomings, but this one was even more special and exciting to watch!

Last month, a Navy wife surprised her husband returning from deployment in a pretty big way…quite literally. About a week after Chris Daugherty was deployed to the western Pacific in January, his wife, Natasha, found out she was pregnant with their fourth child. She thought about calling on Skype to reveal, but nah, that wasn’t special enough. Instead of telling Chris while he was away, Natasha waited a full SIX MONTHS so she could surprise him when he got home. And man, was he shocked!

Natasha did well in keeping things a secret, especially online. She would even place her 18-month-old daughter over her growing baby bump so Chris wouldn’t suspect anything. So, when the time came to pick him up, Natasha held a sign over her stomach that said “Welcome Home Baby Daddy.” Of course, the sailor didn’t think anything of the sign, because, he already has three kids, a son and two young girls. But when she put that sign down, revealing she was 7 1/2 months pregnant, he couldn’t help but look at that bump and ask, “Is that real?!”

Watch the great moment below!

Chris and Natasha had been trying for another baby, so it was definitely an exciting moment for Chris. The happy couple and their family also recently found out they’re expecting a beautiful baby girl in August! Congrats to them!!!

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