Words of Wisdom: “Change Your Words About Yourself”-Ashley Graham

Model and TV personality Ashley Graham is certainly a source of positivity and motivation. So I had to share these Words of Wisdom from her today!

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Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Base Your Worth On External Factors”-Ashley Graham

This Words of Wisdom video today is from model Ashley Graham (who is about to be a mama soon!). This one is for those of us struggling with truly recognizing and standing in our self-worth.

In the clip, Ashley opens up about not wrapping her worth up in external factors like her job, her money, or what social media says about her. Instead, she makes the conscious decision to love herself just as she is and stand confidently in that.

Watch the clip below.

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We have a habit of basing our worth on external factors like promotions or increments at work, relationship status, social media following, no. of Chanels and Guccis etcetera etcetera.. But we need to understand that we are enough as we are and that our worth is not based on how the world decides to reward or judge us. It should come from within based on our very own choices and actions. Please never forget that you are more than just your work. More than just your social media following. More than just your picture perfect relationship. More than just your mental health. More than your disability. More than your possessions. More than everything that the world has made you limit your view of yourself! Words of wisdom by Goddess @ashleygraham đź’« #selfworth #youareenough #youareperfect #youarebadass #bebadass

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I do this A LOT. I think to myself, Oh, if I could be better at this…if I accomplished that…if I looked like that…if I started doing this, I’d be straight. Life would be better. Not necessarily. So I’ve been working on loving myself more right now as I am. Realizing that I am a great person no matter the external circumstances (aka my career, my love life, my possessions, etc.). I have to love Brittany for who she is, quirks, flaws, and all.

It’s so clichĂ© to say that you are enough, but people need to hear that. I need to hear that. Let’s work on being more confident in who we are internally, not just what we have going on on the outside.

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