Inspirational Jam: “No One”-Aly & AJ

“And I ask myself
Who do I wanna be?
Do I wanna throw away the key
And invent a whole new me?”

                                            —Aly & AJ (“No One”)

Sister duo Alyson and Amanda Joy Michalka (known together as Aly & AJ) had some great success back in the mid-2000s under the Disney banner. I definitely enjoyed some of their music as a young teen, but their song “No One” always stood out for me.

The acoustic track was the second single from the group’s debut album, Into The Rush, and was also featured on Disney’s Ice Princess soundtrack. “No One” has a simple message, really.  It’s about reflecting on who you are and who you want to be, canceling out outside voices or circumstances that may tempt you to be someone different. 

I share this song, because the battle to not compare myself to others is a constant struggle. Some days I do pretty good, but, other days, I find myself wanting to be like other people and tempted to even conform my ways. However, who I am, just as Brittany Shawnté, flaws and all, is just fine. I have more growing to do, but, whatever I do right now and in the future, I want to be completely myself.

So, if you’re struggling with finding or truly listening to your own voice, this song is for you. Know that who you are and what you bring to the table is unique and great, and walk confidently in that! Watch the music video below…

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