This #MondayMotivation quote from author and philosopher Alfred A. Montapert is simple but I love it! Hopefully, it gives you some inspiration this week.

I’d call myself an “optimistic realist.” I hope for the best, but often prepare myself for worst-case scenarios. Especially when it comes to work and my freelance career. Problems often arise, but one thing I’ve become pretty good at is putting out fires before they’re even noticeable to others. It can have its cons, but I love that I’ve become strong enough to persevere in spite of issues that pop up.

Issues will always come up at work, at school, with your family, with your finances. Trust me, I know. They’re inevitable, unfortunately. Ichallenge you all (as I continue to challenge myself) to face those problemshead on with courage. You’re tough enough to handle them. I have faith in you!

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