Inspirational Jam: “A Different Beat”-Little Mix

“​​I might be young….I know who I am
So I don’t follow like a marching band, so give it up​​​​​​​…”                                                                           —Little Mix 

Little Mix has some strong and empowering music, especially for the ladies, and I truly respect that about them. One of their tracks, “A Different Beat,” falls right in line with their motivational lyrics, which is why it’s perfect for today’s Inspirational Jam!

Like the title suggests, the song focuses on standing out from the rest of the crowd, instead of just following behind what other people do. That’s not only inauthentic, but it’s boring as hell to just be the same as folks around you, copying their looks, their opinions, and their way of doing things. “A Different Beat” celebrates being unique, and standing strong in your opinions and how you make moves in your life. I’m all for it!

Listen to the track below…

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