It’s another Monday and it’s back to the grind! Hopefully this #MondayMotivation quote inspires you as you go throughout this week.

Rebecca Woodcock, founder of CakeHealth, shared this quote about how important it is to keep moving towards your goals! So often, we waste time with different things—procrastinating, comparing, feelings of not being good enough or not knowing enough, etc. All that ends up doing is taking away time from what we could be doing.

With whatever you know and whatever you have, move forward anyway! You can always pick up new things along the way, and change up your processes as you go. Shoot, I’m constantly reevaluating and learning how to do things better than I did before. But I’m still moving. I refuse to waste any time!

I want the same for you guys. Don’t let different ideas in your head or surrounding circumstances make you stop pursuing the goals that you have for yourself!

Words of Wisdom: “Focus on Happiness”-Zendaya

Zendaya is a positive young woman in this industry, very wise beyond her 21 years!

In a clip with Access Hollywood, the actress and singer opened up about the best piece of advice she’s ever gotten. Zendaya revealed that people should focus on happiness, instead of money or other material things. “There are so many people in this industry or just in life in general that are going through their days and may have everything that they ever want, but they’re not happy, ” Zendaya said. In fact, she’s so in tune with that idea, that, every day, she strives to make at least one person happy through kind words or deeds!

Watch below!

It’s a special message that I want to stick with you all, as I try to make sure it stays in the forefront of my mind as well. So often, we get caught up in the rat race, right? Trying to get ahead and stay ahead in whatever it is that we’re doing. Thinking about getting money and clothes and shoes (which are all nice, don’t get me wrong!). That’s all well and good, but happiness on the inside is what matter most. You could have it all, with no peace and joy inside you. In whatever you do, choose things that make you happy, instead of just doing something for money and material things that are fleeting. 

Bride Brings Her Wedding to Hospital So Sick Father Can Walk Her Down the Aisle

Of course, a lot of girls dream of weddings and to have their fathers walk them down the aisle. Vieneese Stanton did too. Only problem was her dad is battling leukemia with months to live, staying in a hospital in California.

However, Vieneese was determined for her dad to not only see her get married, but to also walk her down the aisle. So she and her groom pushed up their wedding, which was originally supposed to be sometime next year, and had it at the hospital where her dad is currently staying!

The staff at the hospital catered as best as they could to Vieneese’s request, helping to create a small but beautiful ceremony...and loving memories for a father and daughter. Too sweet…y’all know I love my feel good stories!


Watch more moments from the ceremony below…

Strangers Throw Huge Birthday Bash for Boy with Autism After No One In His Class RSVPs

Lisa Schramel had big plans for her son Mathias‘ sixth birthday. She was going to rent out a local theater near her home in New Mexico for his big day, letting Mathias spend time with kids in his class watching Thor: Ragnarok. A perfect idea!

But her amazing idea quickly went down the drain after not one single parent RSVP’d to Mathias’ party. In need of at least 10 kids to attend, Lisa sadly had to scrap the plans only a day before her son’s birthday party. As she planned for a last-minute party at home, she was hurt because she knew the likely reason behind people not going: Mathias’ autism. 

Heartbroken for her little boy, Lisa took to Facebook to vent her feelings, expressing that no one should shun her son or anyone else with autism. “I just don’t get how these kids get seen differently,” she said to PEOPLE.  “They are the same functional human beings on the inside as everybody else. That really made me peeved off!”

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 10.24.30 PM

The post quickly got the attention of dozens of people, who commented that they would love to help put together another party for the young boy! “I cried. I just cried. It was beautiful and extremely overwhelming,” Lisa stated. “At that point, I had 15 hours to prepare a birthday party!”

Since Mathias loves animals, Lisa reached out to the Alameda Park Zoo to have the party there. Workers there gladly accommodated her request! Lisa then bought a lot of decorations, and worked with nice strangers who wanted to bring gifts and food. One woman even made Mathias a large, colorful birthday cake!

After all of this last-minute planning and work, over 200 people showed up to Mathias’ party, with so many presents that Mathias wanted people to donate instead to animals in need. Lisa herself was so moved by everyone coming together for her son. “The fact that a community would stop what they’re doing to go to a little boy’s birthday that they don’t know…it was really beautiful,” she said. “It was the first moment I got to see my son be treated like other children. That’s all I ever wanted for him, just a have moments where nobody looked at him as broken or different, or in some way that made his existence seem wrong.”

Lisa hopes that her story will raise awareness about autism, and that other people will learn to be more accepting of kids with autism. Mathias has high-functioning autism, which includes ADHD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Different things can trigger him and cause him to shut down, like being touched or hearing loud sounds. However, he’s still a kid who likes to play and have a good time just like everyone else.

It’s sad that none of the parents with kids in his class RSVP’d for the party, but this story definitely shows how kind people can really be. That’s why I love sharing sweet stories like this to show that, in spite of all of the other messed up stories out there, there’s still a lot of amazing people out there willing to help and show love to others!


The weekend always goes by so fast y’all…sheesh. Well, here’s to another great Monday and week…let’s get into some #MondayMotivation!

Man, I love watching videos from entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee). With his different videos and quotes online, that man will get you ALL. THE. WAY. TOGETHER. Gary knows all about what goes into reaching higher heights, and he always keeps it 100. So I wanted to share this quote with you guys for today.

Let’s be real. Many people are cool with being…regular. Doing the bare minimum for average results. That’s cool for them. I’m not going to judge anyone for that, but personally, I’m trying to go beyond a regular, mundane life. I want to be extraordinary. I don’t want to be going through the motions each day for the rest of my life. So I put in the necessary work to get and stay on the path to greatness.

By now, you ought to know that, in order to achieve great things, you’ve got to put in great work. Greatness doesn’t come from putting in average time and energy, but that’s what a lot of people put out. How can you really think that you’re going to get to new and better levels doing the same old, basic, inconsistent work? The best results really do come from what a lot of people don’t want to do. Maybe it’s putting in extra time at the gym or the office. Or learning a few new skills to get a new job. Shoot, it can even be batching new content early Saturday morning while most people are still asleep.

Seriously reaching your goals (and not just talking about it) takes extra effort that a lot of people aren’t willing to do. Don’t be one of those people. Do all you can do, take a short break, and then do some more. Watch how your results shift for the better!