Five Year Old Steps In as His Cousin’s Prom Date After She Gets Stood Up

Prom night is supposed to be one of the happiest days in a high school girl’s life. It definitely was Haleigh Wiley…all thanks to her five year old cousin!

After Haleigh’s boyfriend bailed out as her real prom date after an argument, little Bentley stepped in to make sure his cousin still had a great time. “I will take you to prom. I can do it, I’m a big boy!” he told Haleigh after finding out she needed a date. Too sweet!

Haleigh accepted Bentley’s, making for one of the sweetest moments in prom history. The two of them were dressed to the nines in matching outfits and turned the prom OUT!

Check out more about the story and more pics below!

Sorry, the “Perfect Moment” to Work on Your Dream Will Never Come

“I’ve been wanting to start a blog like you do,” a friend told me a while back. “I’m just waiting for the right time. Need things to settle down a little bit, and then I’m going  to jump into it and make it happen.”

I understood where she was coming from. I’ve been there. When I was younger, I jumped right into creating The Spotlight, but was hesitant to take on other writing jobs thinking that I wouldn’t be able to handle the blog, studying and being involved at college, AND writing for other sites. I thought, “Maybe I should wait until after I graduate, and my workload slows down a little bit.” (Spoiler alert: it didn’t.) I took a chance and signed my first real freelance gig at the top of 2012, soon realizing that I could handle it. It took some A LOT of work, but I managed to make it happen.

Same thing happened when I got into the REAL, real world after college. I was afraid that I wasn’t good enough for certain writing gigs. That I needed to study and become stronger like this writer and that one. That I had to be 150% percent perfect in order to make it, and, until I was, there was no sense in going after certain opportunities. There was no point in attending different blogging conferences to network with other people. I hadn’t “made it” yet. The moment had to be just right. I had to be just right.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t grow in whatever your craft is. You absolutely should be working to better yourself as time goes on. But I can only imagine how many opportunities I missed out on waiting for me to “get my life together.” Sometimes, I think about different chances I could’ve had if only I had gone after things in spite of my feelings, and it kinda gets me in my feelings. So let me give this to you right quick:

In case no one ever told you, THE PERFECT MOMENT DOESN’T EXIST. 

female blogger

You’re still going to have the job, and the bills, and the volunteer work, and the kids, and whatever else.  I’m basically in the same boat (minus the kids part. One day, I pray, but definitely not right now!). All of that is not going to go away; it’s going to be a juggling act for sure. At the end of the day, life isn’t going to just stop and wait on you to figure things out. You have to be confident working towards your new venture, and figure out how you can personally balance it all. You’re also have to realize that you’re not going to know how to do it all when you first start out, and that’s okay! Point blank, if you see yourself going in a new direction, or starting something new in your life, GO FOR IT! Don’t wait for an “ideal time,” because it truly will never come. You want to start a blog? Start one. You want to work towards opening your own business? Do it. You see yourself creating your own YouTube channel and killing it? Make it happen.

How? Here’s a few tips:

  1. Don’t let the fact that you’re a beginner or rookie sway you. There will always be room for improvement, and you’ll find ways to work more efficiently as time goes on. You’re not going to know how to make every little piece of your goal happen at the very beginning. I knew NOTHING about running a blog, and how much it would take to seriously pursue and promote it. Google became one of my best friends, and I read articles and took classes (and still am). I slowly but surely learned what to do, what not to do, and what worked best for me. But I had to start somewhere. We all do.
  2. Be real with yourself about what you can seriously sacrifice to make time to work towards your new goals (i.e., cutting out TV/Netflix time, getting off social media, making time at etc.). Make your weekends more productive instead of just sleeping in and chilling after the stressful week. I know it’s hard, but make those sacrifices if you really want to try your hand at a new thing.
  3. Find ways to be more efficient in your work. Once you figure out days or times that you can work on your goal, figure out your best process on how you can get things done in bulk ahead of time. Case in point, for this site, I now use my down time to create and batch content for the days ahead (especially for things like #MondayMotivation and Words of Wisdom to be released each week). I got that from a masterclass from style blogger/influencer Mattie James. Literally, something that small (and seemingly common sense if I think about it for real) changed my life when it came to writing. That way, I’m not rushing to do things the day of, and I have time to work on even more posts for the future! Figure out your best process, and get things done.

At the end of the day, the gist of this is not to wait for the perfect time to do something new. Stop waiting for the right moment, because you’ll be waiting forever, and opportunities WILL pass you by. Put aside excuses or reasoning, and go after whatever sets your soul on fire. As time goes along, you’ll hit a few bumps and get a few bruises (or a lot probably), but you’ll get stronger and wiser. Never “perfect,” but definitely BETTER. But you can’t do that if you’re always waiting for the perfect moment. 



Perfectly Imperfect

Today marks a new chapter for me. I officially put my entertainment blog, The Spotlight, to rest on March 31, and am starting the month of May with a new inspirational/lifestyle website. Taking a page out of my blogging idol Necole Kane‘s book, I guess, after she revamped her successful entertainment site, Necole Bitchie, to create an incredible new website, xo Necole, for women of color surrounding stories on life, love, career, travel, and more. A fresh (and more positive) start for her.

This new website, Imperfectly B, is that fresh start for me. I’m using this site to open up about my own thoughts and situations to hopefully help others who are going through circumstances in life and are close to giving up. As I shared a bit on my YouTube channel, I’m going to be sharing some tough lessons I had to learn the hard way over the past few years, and my own imperfections in this thing called life. I’m also going to write inspiring, feel good stories from the Internet for someone who needs encouragement, or just a smile or laugh for the day in this world filled with negativity. That’s what this site is going to be about. All good vibes. Continue reading “Perfectly Imperfect”


I am such a huge fan of Her Agenda, a career and goal-oriented website for millennial women. The site regularly features awesome girl bosses who have made names for themselves in entertainment, business, writing, etc.

So, one week, I came across an interview with Charreah K. Jackson, the creator of and relationships editor for Essence magazine, and she dropped some serious gems! One of which is the quote above! “It’s irresponsible to have a gift and not fully step into it.

That resonated so deeply with me, especially as I work on this new site. For those of us have found our gifts, we owe it to ourselves to truly tap into whatever those gifts are and find a way to share it with others. For some, it may be the gift of comedy. You can always manage to put a smile on people’s faces, no matter what they’re going through. For others, it may be the gift of hospitality. You are a bright soul that loves making people feel welcome no matter where you are…on the job, at church, at events. For me, it’s writing. I use it to inform and entertain, and now, with Imperfectly B, to uplift others.

Regardless of what your unique gift is, it’s something that you have a duty to truly give your all in, no matter what. Find a way to use your gift not only for yourself, but for others around you!



LOL: The Best of the Adorable McClure Twins

Late last year, 3-year-old twins, Ava and Alexis McClure went viral after a YouTube video with their mom, Ami, interviewing them about what it means to be identical twins. It all went downhill after poor Alexis broke out in tears after finding out (or really remembering) that she was a minute younger than Ava!

The video BLEW UP, with people all over falling in love with these little girls’ videos on YouTube! As Mama McClure “interviews” them, their responses are so hilarious, adorable, and unfiltered as only young kids can be! I had to share this “best of” video of Ava and Alexis, because it always makes me smile and laugh!

Watch below! Continue reading “LOL: The Best of the Adorable McClure Twins”

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