LOL: “Driving” Robot Prank Scares Drive-Thru Workers

I love watching prank videos. Seeing people’s reactions after getting a little scare is absolutely hilarious to me. This one is no different!

A little LOL this morning!

I love watching prank videos and seeing people’s reactions after getting a little scare! In this one, somehow, some way, a guy developed a robot that could “drive” and “interact” with people. So he used the robot to create an epic prank on drive-thru workers, and their reactions are HILARIOUS! Nice, funny start to the morning!

Watch below…


It’s Monday, and, I’ll be honest, I’m DRAGGING this morning. Getting out of my bed was too rough today, and I don’t feel like doing much of anything. But today’s #MondayMotivation is definitely the push I need. Hope it is for you too.

Working towards your goals make for a lot of long, exhausting days. Days where you just to quit early, lay in bed and do nothing, and it’s fully justified. I’ve been there. I’m there today, for real. But you can’t stop when you’re tired. Personally, if I did that, I would never get anything done. Days like today, I’ve got to really push through, keeping in mind the things that I’ve accomplished, what I’m trying to maintain, and where I’m trying to get to. That requires pushing past my being “oh so tired.” So I plugged in my music, and got to work. I’ve got goals to reach.

Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done. 

Mother’s Day: A Dedication to My Mom and All She Taught Me

First things first, happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there! Thank you for all you do and I hope you have an amazing day!

With this site, I definitely wanted posts about my own life as well, and the lessons I’ve learned over the years. With today being Mother’s Day, it’s only fitting that I share a post about my own mom.

I am my mother’s firstborn. Over the years, we definitely had our ups and downs, filled with jokes and laughs, misunderstandings and arguments, lessons learned on both sides probably, but, most importantly, love. Even in our down moments, I know she loved me and wanted the best for me. Still does. And she taught me a lot over the years. As a kid and even a teen going through puberty with a huge need of an attitude adjustment, I didn’t appreciate it. Now, as a young adult pushing through life, I realize that she was only trying to prepare me for life.

Me, my mom, and younger sis Alexis at a Christmas gala

From the get go, my mother never let me settle. She always pushed me to take on new things, enrolling me in different camps and clubs and pushing me to do things at church, encouraging me to work, and ultimately helped me to break out of my comfort zone. She stayed on top of me about grades and applying to colleges and scholarships, pushing me to pursue my potential wholeheartedly. When I was younger, I was annoyed honestly, but, years later, I’m more confident in trying new things, and I refuse to settle for less than I can achieve and deserve.

Mom also taught me sacrifice. The practice of truly putting people before yourself. I knew and saw that when I was younger, but I really see it now as she helps to raise my now 11-year-old cousin. When my aunt passed away early last year, my parents took in my cousin, who was only 9 at the time. Now, my mom is constantly moving her schedule around again, cutting out things she likes to do or just relaxing moments, to do things for my cousin. In quietly observing that, I remember that she did all of that for me and my little sister too. Putting aside things to make us happy, or to try any way. I don’t always like it (I’m still letting go of my selfish spirit a little bit), but now I try to sacrifice more for my mom when she needs me to now.

mom and bre
My mom and cousin [I call her Babez 🙂 ]
My mother also silently taught me to be a pillar of strength. I’ve seen her go through a lot, especially over these past two years losing her mom and sister less than a year apart, and she’s been a rock. She has her down moments, I’m sure, but she keeps pushing through. Like I’ve said before, life comes at you hard, but you have to keep going. You may have some breakdowns and downfalls, hurt and grief, and you should allow yourself to feel all of that. But it’s important to get up and keep going, because life, sadly, does keep moving no matter what. So that’s why I do. I learned that partly from my mom.

Mom, thank you for all you’ve done for me, Alexis, and Babez. I’m sorry that I didn’t always show you how much I appreciate you, but I’m thankful for all that you’ve done, and all you still do. Thank you for your sacrifices, lessons and love.  I love you much. 



LOL: Australia Radio Hosts Hamish & Andy Prank the Best Guy Ever

Hamish Blake & Andy Lee are an Australian comedic duo that currently host the popular radio program Hamish & Andy, which airs nationally over in the land down under. The two regularly pull pranks on their listeners, but this one not only makes me laugh, but kind of reminds me that there are really good people out there!

So check it out…Hamish calls up a male listener pretending to be a guy in desperate need for a job reference, even from a complete stranger! The caller kindly obliges, but probably didn’t think he was going to actually be called. Until Andy calls him, pretending to be the potential employer! The caller’s response is hilarious, but awesome at the same time!

Check out the funny prank below…

Literally, the best guy ever!

Inspirational Jam: “Job”-August Alsina feat. Anthony Hamilton & Jadakiss

“Lord knows I work hard, but I still got to stay on my job. And I ain’t taking no days off…won’t stop ’til the day it pays off, it’s hard work!”

                                                           -August Alsina (“Job”)

Another inspirational jam to keep you pushing through!

August Alsina‘s song “Job,” featuring Anthony Hamilton and Jadakiss, is INSTANT motivation for me. From his sophomore album, This Thing Called Life, August sings about his goals of being a boss, recognizing the hard work he has to put in to get there.

Look, times get hard, and I’ve got a lot to do. We ALL do. But we have to stay on top of the grind out here! This song is a push when I don’t feel like working or writing, reminding me that I have goals to reach. To do that, I’ve got to stay on my job! Y’all do too! Hopefully this is motivation for you guys today and moving forward.

Take a listen below!

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