Inspirational Jam: “If You Dare”-Jazmine Sullivan

“You walking now when you were made to fly
You’re scared to fall
Stop thinking small when you’re larger than life…’

                                                    —Jazmine Sullivan (“If You Dare”)

If You Dare” is one of my favorite tracks from Jazmine Sullivan! This song is all about daring to live your best life, instead of being so afraid to fall that you don’t even try new things. It’s upbeat and energetic, and the push I often need to break beyond my comfort zone to higher heights!

Sadly, the song was never a single so it doesn’t have an official video, but it’s a powerful song nonetheless. I hope it inspires you to take more chances in life! Take a listen below…

Words of Wisdom: “You Have to Jump”-Steve Harvey

This video from Steve Harvey last year is one that I continually watch, if I’m honest. His impromptu speech during a break at Family Feud encouraged others to take a risk and jump into their life’s purpose. The viral video even spawned a new book and initiative for Steve, helping people to get to their next level of success.

Watch below!

Every now and then, I pull this one up, because, more and more, I’m starting to feel like this is my life. I’ll be honest. Every day that passes, I’m beginning to realize what my true jump is, what I really have to do to be fulfilled in life. But I’m SCARED TO DEATH. I take calculated risks, risks that I can control. Which I guess isn’t a real risk at all.

But the only way that you can really soar is to jump. I recorded a video last week on Snapchat about doing what you’re really passionate about, and not just going to a job every day that you don’t care about. Working for the weekend is not living! That’s existing.

Jumping into your destiny, once you’ve discovered what it is, is jumping into the unknown. Like Steve said, your parachute won’t open all the way when you first take the jump. You probably will hit some bumps along the way, get some cuts and bruises. “But eventually, the parachute has to open,” Steve said. That’s a promise. Another promise, though? If you never jump, your parachute will never open and you’ll never know what you could’ve accomplished or who you could’ve been. 

So I’m on the fence right now, or at the edge of the plane looking down, if you will. I’m scared to death of the unknown, but it’s about that time I make my jump.

Are you or have you jumped into your purpose, leaving behind the mundane? What encouragement would you give others like me struggling to make the jump?  

#MustWatch! The Women’s List: Lessons of Dreams, Rejection and Perseverance

I’m such a bingewatcher. Sitting down with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant bring me this incredible happiness and peace (though, in hindsight, I’ve become a homebody and am attempting to break out into the world more…mehhh). Anyway, I always rack up shows, movies and documentaries on my watchlists across the board, and finally decided to take the time to watch some of them as I began cranking out more ideas and content for this site.

As 2017 kicked off, I began to watch and read more films and books to shape my mentality for the things I wanted to accomplish this year. One of the films I had sitting in my watch list on Netflix was The Women’s List, a PBS documentary featuring 15 women in entertainment, business, politics, etc., including Alicia Keys, Edie Falco, Shonda Rhimes, Betsey Johnson and more.

Not only was it inspiring to watch because these are incredible WOMEN out here killing it in their respective fields, but there were a lot of great lessons throughout from these ladies. They all had moments of adversity or failure or setbacks, like we all do, and managed to keep going and reach success. It was crazy inspiring to watch, and had a lot of takeaways.

For example, one of the women featured, Sara Blakely (the inventor of Spanx), came up with and developed the idea for a whole year before she told a soul. Not even her family. The whole point is because when you first come up with your idea is when it’s at its most vulnerable.  Giving yourself time to work before you tell anyone allows you to grow more confident before someone comes along with concerns, poking holes in your dreams and possibly deterring you. Smart lady!


I watched Betsey Johnson speak while in my bed laying on her sheets (no lie), and I’ve always loved how she’s uniquely herself at all times from her designs to her style to her opinions. A lesson I took away from her was to not be afraid of putting yourself out there and just pray that someone relates to you. Clearly that worked for her. Hopefully, others can relate to what I share here from me just being B.

Another big takeaway came from Wendy Williams, surprisingly. Now, I’m not a huge Wendy fan, but I can’t deny that she’s been able to build a major name for herself, so I respect her. The lesson she reminded me of? You can’t do it all…at least you can’t do it all WELL. It really is okay to ask for help or to say no. Which, for a perfectionist/mini control freak like me, is easier said than done, but I try to do better.

Anyways, I strongly suggest you guys check this out! It’s a great watch for anyone, male or female, but ladies, you will definitely feel so empowered after seeing this. You can view this amazing documentary now on or on Netflix!

The Five Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Discover Your Purpose

Happy September y’all! Hard to believe there’s really only four months of 2017 left…make them count.

I believe wholeheartedly that we’re not meant to wake up and go to jobs just to pay bills. You do what you have to do, sure, but there should be a greater purpose and reasoning behind it all if you’re not where you want to be. I don’t know about you, but I’m not trying to wake for the next 30 years working and waiting for 5 o’clock every day, or marking down the days until Friday. That’s canceled. Whatever I do, no matter how hard it gets, I want to do something that gives me joy and fulfillment, and helps others along the way.

A dear friend of mine recently came up to me, congratulating me on Imperfectly B, and stated, “I wish I knew what I was meant to do like you do.” Y’all. Our purpose is already within us, but we just have to do some self-reflection and consider what it may be. I was blessed to know mine at an early age, and others do too. However, some, like my friend, may be struggling to find what theirs is. There’s a few simple questions you have to ask yourself.

1. “What do I truly love and am great at?”

I’m not talking about something that you kind of enjoy doing, or kinda sorta are good at. I enjoy singing,  and I’m decent enough, but I’m not out here trying to be anybody’s Beyoncé clone. Nah, forget that. Life’s too short to spend time on something you kinda like. What really sets your soul on fire? For others, it may actually be singing or rapping. For me, it’s writing. What do you love learning more about? What do people tell you that you seem to have a real knack for? What comes natural? What brings you the most peace and joy, or sense of fulfillment? What automatically came to mind as you were reading this paragraph?

You got it in your mind? Okay, here’s my next question:

2. “What causes, beliefs, topics, or ideas do I connect with?”

Once you find what it is that you’re actually passionate about, find a specific niche. Let’s say, you know you’re great at connecting and speaking with people. What would you want to talk about or help with? Maybe it’s how to make the world a better place through political action, or inspiring people to live a better life as a motivational speaker. Maybe you want to help save lives in the medical field. It could be helping people to get their finances together, cuz the struggle is REAL out here, okay? Whatever your cause, make it something you actually like, not something you think will make the most money or get the most attention.

That leads me to my next question:

3. “How can I best implement it?”

So you have what you’re great at doing and you have a topic you want it to center around. The next question is how can you best share your work? Maybe it’s through serving at a specific company or organization. Maybe it’s through your own business. Maybe you want to develop a blog, YouTube channel or a podcast. Hosting your own events or even developing online courses are cool ideas, too. If you’re a musical artist, you might want to develop your own SoundCloud or Bandcamp (let’s get real…you NEED to!). Find a way that you’re best comfortable with, and go for it! 

4. “How can I make it my own?”

There’s so much of everything these days–bloggers, podcasters, artists, speakers, you name it. But what separates us all is simply our own voices. We all have our own individual thoughts and ideas, and our deliveries are all different too. Whatever you decide to do, however you decide to do it, you have to be yourself. Share what it is you REALLY think, in spite of public opinion. Use your real accent, slang, or mannerisms. Showcase your vulnerabilities. The things that you think are weird or quirky about you often are the very things that set you apart. Those are the things that other people find relatable. That’s how you can best connect and serve others, all while living out what you have a calling to do.

So here’s my final question, and it might be a little tough:

5. “Am I seriously willing to fight for this?”

I left this for last because it’s VITAL. When you really have discovered your life’s purpose, YOU. CAN’T. STOP. Literally. You might try, but, in spite of all that rises up against you, you can’t seem to let it go. Through all of the rejection, all of the long nights, all of the stressing, all of the days working a job you don’t like just so you can still work on your actual dream. I don’t say that to deter you, but the hardships will come. There ain’t no way around it. If your goal is something you’re flaky about, or give up at the first hint of trouble, that’s not what you’re meant for. You may have some setbacks, and times when you’re discouraged and want to quit, but you can’t ever find it in you to quit. So you keep on going. You keep on learning and growing and working, because it’s what you’re truly meant to do.

Do you know what your purpose in life is? Are you considering now what it might be? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 


Inspirational Jam: “Feel Good Today”-Juliane

“Don’t let them get you down, when all you need is all around. It’s your time to bring out the sunshine!”

                                                     —Juliane (“Feels Good Today”)

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I was blessed to be able to feature rising R&B/pop singer Juliane on my entertainment site, The Spotlight, earlier this year.  Not only did I love this girl’s voice, but I loved her energy and vibes in her music.

One of Juliane’s latest tracks, “Feel Good Today,” brings those great vibes as well. The upbeat song is It’s not always easy to do, so this track gives me a boost of energy and happiness when I play it.

Check out Juliane perform an acoustic version of “Feel Good Today” below!

You can get Juliane’s single “Feel Good Today on the outlets below!

Google Play:

You can also connect with her on her official website and hear more of her music on SoundCloud and YouTube. Be sure to follow her too on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Let me know what you thought of the song in the comments!