Words of Wisdom: “It’s Not Over Until You Win”-Les Brown

I love this Words of Wisdom clip from I hope it encourages y’all today.

In this older clip, Les recalled playing games of Connect Four with his son John-Leslie. Les beat his son for 10 straight games and finally called it quits, ready to go to bed. However, John-Leslie refused to let him until he finally won a game. Finally, John-Leslie beat his father in a game and was happy to go to sleep. He had the persistence and perseverance necessary to finally win.

No matter how big the dreams or how much work is put in, we all go through periods of loss, rejection, and setbacks. But are you willing to keep pushing forward when it gets rough? Are you willing to keep working on your goals even when it doesn’t seem like you’ll ever get there?

This is the attitude that I have. I don’t care how many challenges I face, setbacks and rejections that come up, and people who don’t support. I’m pressing on. I refuse to give up on myself and my goals. I’ve already achieved some great things and I’m working towards even more, no matter how hard it gets. How about you?

Watch Les’ inspiring video below!


Words of Wisdom: “You Become A Champion in the Dark”-Eric Thomas

I definitely post videos from motivational speaker Eric Thomas a good bit but he’s THAT good. He posted this clip today and I had to share it for today’s Words of Wisdom.

In the clip, ET is talking to a football team about the word “champion.” People think that simply winning is what makes you a champion but it’s really not. The reason you even win in the first place is because of the work you’re doing when nobody’s watching. When people aren’t telling you what to do or how to act and think or what to study. It’s the habits that you develop and the work you put in behind the scenes that separate the great from the mediocre!

Watch the quick clip below!


Words of Wisdom: “Develop Good Habits”-Elliott Hulse

Optimistic that these Words of Wisdom from strength and conditioning coach Elliott Hulse will motivate you through these last three months of 2019!

In the clip, he talks about how the focus shouldn’t be on achieving the big goals or looking at the big picture every day. Really, your focus ought to be on committing to the activity that’s going to get you to where you want to be. Building good habits are the building blocks for every dream or goal you have, so if you aren’t doing what you need to do (whether you feel like it or not), you’ll inevitably fail.

I’ve dedicated these last few months to building better habits of my own, specifically when it comes to the gym and writing. I encourage you all to build your own good habits to match those big dreams…2020 is right around the corner!

Check out the video below.


Words of Wisdom: “Take Off”-Lenell “Crab Boss” Watson

I’ve been sitting with these Words of Wisdom from restaurant owner, Lenell Watson, for a minute. I’m from Maryland and, like most people from the area, I love crabs and seafood. If you ever happen to drive through Brandywine, MD, definitely pull up Lenell’s restaurant, Crab Boss. But I digress.

This clip Lenell posted some weeks back really resonated with me. He compared your life to a jet. A jet slowly cranks up before takeoff, but, once it’s in the air, it’s going incredibly fast. But there has to be some work done to get it up there before it can really take off.

Taking off means going hard and going as high as you possibly can in every aspect of your life to get to higher heights. That means doing what a lot of people won’t and going above and beyond. That means sometimes starting early and staying late. That means powering through even when you want to relax because the purpose is greater than your feelings. If you want something different, then that means you have do something different. So take off!

Watch Lenell’s powerful Words of Wisdom below…


Words of Wisdom: “You Aren’t Always Going To Be Motivated”-Jared Hamilton

I know it’s interesting that I, as the creator of an inspirational website, would post this Words of Wisdom clip from fitness trainer and speaker Jared Hamilton. Even though the made this particularly for fitness goals, I think it can be applied to any goal that you have in life.

The gist of this clip from Jared is that you’re not always going to feel like working on your goals. If the only time that you can put in the effort is when you’re feeling motivated to, you’re going to struggle to get to where you want to be. There are going to be plenty of days when your motivation is low, or you’re not seeing results, or you’re feeling lazy, but you have to do it anyway. Success is based on consistency, discipline, and true commitment. Meaning you do what needs to be done even if you don’t want to. You stay committed to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.

Lawd. Even with this site and all of the positive content I take in, I still struggle to stay on top of what I’m working on and involved in. Even as I write this crazy short post and batch other pieces of content, I’d much rather be binge-watching something on Netflix. But I owe it to myself to commit and execute on a streamlining process to ultimately make my life easier. I owe it to myself to do what I have to do to get to where I want to be. We all do.

Watch Jared’s wise words below.