Words of Wisdom: “Stop Watching Other People Live Their Dreams”-Trent Shelton

Hoping that this Words of Wisdom video from motivational speaker Trent Shelton encourages someone to step up their game. Shoot, it’s inspiring me right now!

In this clip, Trent encourages those of us who are too busy watching other people live out their dreams to go after our own. Sure, it’s nice to be inspired by others in your life and by this site, but what are you going to do with that inspiration? Are you just going to be on the sidelines forever or are you going to get in the game? Are you going to get to work or just be stagnant? “You can be the person who watches other people or you can be the person that other people are watching,” Trent states.

This really used to be me, y’all. I would watch people grow and get so discouraged that I wasn’t where they were. However, if I’m honest, I wasn’t putting in the work I needed to on my end to get to where I wanted to be. So I got in the game instead of just watching from the sidelines. Now, I’m happy for others and their growth when I see their achievements on social media. However, I’m honestly too busy to be heavily focused on what other people have going on. Where do you stand right now?

Watch Trent speak on this topic below!


Words of Wisdom: “Your Dream Is Waiting On You To Go”-Lisa Nichols

I saw this powerful Words of Wisdom video from motivational speaker Lisa Nichols and I hope it pushes you to make moves as we head into 2020!

In the video, Lisa talks about how our dreams are waiting for us to go after them with everything we’ve got. So often, we start out strong at the beginning of a new project, a new fitness goal, or a new year. Then we stall. We phase out. Some of us even get too nervous to fully focus on everything. I think we do ourselves (and others) a disservice by dimming our light for ANY reason.

These are things we know deep down, but we need to be reminded now and then. I need to be reminded now and then. With everything I’m trying to do in 2020, I’m just putting in the work behind the scenes. I’m not going to just talk about it. I’m not going to start and stop. I’m not going to go hard for a while and then fall off. I’m going to give myself a real chance to achieve my dreams. How about you?

Watch Lisa’s empowering video below!


Words of Wisdom: “Face Your Challenges”-Josh Shipp

Hoping and praying that this Words of Wisdom clip from motivational speaker Josh Shipp resonates for y’all as it has for me.

Josh revealed that he was abandoned by his mom, a teen at the time of his birth, at the hospital. He became a ward of the state and bounced around from foster home to foster home. Josh was also molested as a kid and ran to food to cope, becoming obese and believing negative things that people said about him. However, he began to realize that he couldn’t run from the challenges he faced. In spite of fear and naysayers, he had to face his problems head-on to become the person that he wanted to be.

The same goes for all of us. We each have our own life story with different chapters of pain, hurt, disloyalty, etc. We can certainly wallow in it if we choose, but what good does that do? The only way to overcome is to stand tall and determine that we won’t let our past challenges drag us down. It’s a conscious decision to work through those issues (through therapy, reflection, etc.) to become better people each day.

Watch the clip below!

Words of Wisdom: “Life Will Give You What You Fight For”-Ed Mylett

This Words of Wisdom video from entrepreneur and speaker Ed Mylett gave me a push I needed this morning. Hopefully, it does the same for you.

In the clip, Ed talks about a fight he had with a neighborhood boy who picked on him. He got his tail whupped and went back home crying. While his mom tried to comfort him, his dad basically told him to wipe those tears and go back to the boy’s house and fight.

Now, some of y’all may not condone violence like that. Meh, whatever, that’s not the point. The lesson Ed’s dad was trying to teach him was to hide or cower in the midst of tough times. He had to defend himself to teach others that he wouldn’t tolerate being picked on. Ed had to make a decision that he was tired of that and fight for himself.

In life, you’re going to get what you tolerate on every front—your relationships, your career, etc. You have to make a conscious decision on what it is that you want out of the different aspects of your life. And then you have to be willing to fight for it. To press for it. To work on it when you don’t feel like it. To work on it even when it looks like things won’t pan out. To fight even when you’re afraid.

I’m fighting for what I want. How about you?

Watch a part of Ed’s speech below!

Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Base Your Worth On External Factors”-Ashley Graham

This Words of Wisdom video today is from model Ashley Graham (who is about to be a mama soon!). This one is for those of us struggling with truly recognizing and standing in our self-worth.

In the clip, Ashley opens up about not wrapping her worth up in external factors like her job, her money, or what social media says about her. Instead, she makes the conscious decision to love herself just as she is and stand confidently in that.

Watch the clip below.

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We have a habit of basing our worth on external factors like promotions or increments at work, relationship status, social media following, no. of Chanels and Guccis etcetera etcetera.. But we need to understand that we are enough as we are and that our worth is not based on how the world decides to reward or judge us. It should come from within based on our very own choices and actions. Please never forget that you are more than just your work. More than just your social media following. More than just your picture perfect relationship. More than just your mental health. More than your disability. More than your possessions. More than everything that the world has made you limit your view of yourself! Words of wisdom by Goddess @ashleygraham 💫 #selfworth #youareenough #youareperfect #youarebadass #bebadass

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I do this A LOT. I think to myself, Oh, if I could be better at this…if I accomplished that…if I looked like that…if I started doing this, I’d be straight. Life would be better. Not necessarily. So I’ve been working on loving myself more right now as I am. Realizing that I am a great person no matter the external circumstances (aka my career, my love life, my possessions, etc.). I have to love Brittany for who she is, quirks, flaws, and all.

It’s so cliché to say that you are enough, but people need to hear that. I need to hear that. Let’s work on being more confident in who we are internally, not just what we have going on on the outside.