Words of Wisdom: “Practice Who You Want to Be”-Michelle Obama

These Words of Wisdom from my forever First Lady Michelle Obama puts things into perspective when it comes to our daily habits impacting us longterm.

While at an event, First Lady Obama mentions that she tells her daughters Malia and Sasha that they are practicing who they are going to be in the long term every single day. It starts with our daily choices. If we slack off and procrastinate all of the time, we’ll more than likely live that way as we get older. If we are dependable and trustworthy to others now, then we will continue to make a conscious effort to remain that way.

Yes, we all have the capacity to change and become better but our habits follow us—good or bad. That’s whether we’re neat or messy. If we like to be on time or if we’re notoriously late. If we go above and beyond with our tasks or if we do the bare minimum to slide by. If we complain and whine or take accountability for ourselves. Every day, we are practicing who we will be with the decisions we make. So what type of person do you want to be and what will you change or do to get there?

Watch First Lady Obama’s wise words below!


Words of Wisdom: “You Deserve Nothing You Didn’t Work To Create”-KevOnStage

When I tell y’all, I FELT this Words of Wisdom clip from comedian KevOnStage. I just had to share it with you guys.

KevOnStage first shared this video a couple of years ago and reposted it recently. In the clip, he talks about how people can be entitled and feel that they deserve more than they’ve actually worked for. As a comedian, he has put YEARS into his craft and has just recently become popular in the past few years. Yes, sometimes people blow up overnight, but often people who seemingly have risen up out of nowhere have put in major work behind the scenes for a long time to get there. You deserve what you’ve really worked to make happen. It’s not just going to fall in your lap because you’ve been working at it for a short time.

It’s a real sentiment. You deserve nothing that you didn’t put in the work to create. AND, even with your hard work and sacrifices, it doesn’t mean that things will pan out for you right away. I’m a living witness to that. I’ve been writing for YEARS. Literally since college, so it’s been a little over a decade. I’m just now getting new and better opportunities. And I still have a ways to go. It all takes time, persistence, perseverance, and GRIND.

Check out Kev’s words below!


Words of Wisdom: “Your Talents Can Make A Difference”-Arianna Huffington

This is a personal Words of Wisdom clip for everyone today. Hopefully, this advice from Arianna Huffington and my own experience inspire someone today.

In a Super Soul Sunday episode with Oprah Winfrey, Arianna shares the story of her sister, Agapi, who did well at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. However, Agapi was rejected for a part she was sure she would land. However, she used her talent of acting that same day to bring joy to a busload of New Yorkers. Arianna was inspired by that story and shared it in her book, Thrive. For her, it was a story that your talent can still make a difference even if you’re not necessarily making a living from it.

I have to remind myself of this so often. I run this inspirational site and am building it up as a “brand.” But it’s so easy to get caught up in the rat race behind what that means. Drowning in analytics, worried about engagement rates to get work from other brands, etc., etc. I saw a post on social media the other day about how we are so laser-focused on becoming “brands” and “influencers” that we forget our hobbies and passions can be just that. Everything you do doesn’t have to be for money; it just simply be something you love to do.

That’s backward in this capitalistic society, I know. I’m about multiple streams of income too, y’all, but I’m not killing myself to do it. I’d rather impact people’s lives in a positive way with this site than solely focus on making money from it. That was the ultimate mission after all. So I encourage anyone struggling with the same thing today to focus on the impact of your work. If money comes, cool, but what’s most important is touching and changing lives. At least to me.

Watch Ariana share this wise advice below!

Words of Wisdom: “Be Okay With Failure”-Ashley Graham

On an episode of her online show, Fearless, Ashley Graham talks with a contestant, Kristin, about her ideas of failure. Like many of us, Kristin believed that failure was not an option for her life. Ashley gently reminded her that failure will happen, but it helps us to grow. “Remember that, if and when those failures come, you’re not a failure,” Ashley tells her.

That’s a great reminder to us all because failures are inevitable. We’ll fall. We’ll get rejected. We’ll mess up. It’s a part of life. But it’s important to know that, even when we do mess up, we can get back up and keep pushing. Looking at my life, I’ve learned much more from my mistakes and slip-ups than I did from my wins. So accept that failures come in your journey, and that you will get past them.

Watch the clip below!


Words of Wisdom: “Stop Undervaluing Your Talents”-Nicole McLaren Campbell

I had to share this Words of Wisdom clip from speaker and educator Nicole McLaren Campbell today because it’s currently what I’m working through.

Oh, this is a big one. I even had a talk with my boss about this recently. Often, we discredit our skills because they come naturally to us. It doesn’t seem like we ought to I’ve done it all the time. Now, I’m recognizing that the things that I think are so small and that everybody should be able to do, many people DON’T know how to do, struggle with, or don’t put in the time to do it. My natural skills with details, organization, and writing have proven very valuable in my work over the years.

Our skills can ultimately help others in ways that we may have never thought. You can even get paid for it, for real. But first, you have to recognize the value that you offer. Let’s work on that in 2020, yeah?

Watch the clip below!

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