Words of Wisdom: “Let’s Go!”-Diddy

Say whatever you want about SeanDiddy” Combs, but that’s a hard working man! With an estimated net worth of $820 million, the man’s worked to create some of the biggest songs and names in music, through finding his own. He’s made a name for himself not only in music, but also fashion, acting, food and drink, among other ventures. So Diddy’s definitely somebody who’s a great inspiration!

A guy I follow on Twitter shared Diddy’s inspirational video below, simply saying, “LET’S GO!” It’s a phrase that the mogul is known for saying, moving people to push past the distractions and procrastination, and take that work up another notch. “Let’s understand what it’s going to take to achieve that dream…LET’S GO!” Diddy says in the video.

It’s a simple message, but now and then I need a fire lit under my butt! Hope it pushes y’all to get moving towards your goals too.

Watch Diddy go in below!


Words of Wisdom: “Own Your Mistakes”-Salma Hayek

Words of wisdom that I’m sharing with you all today come from the amazing and talented Salma Hayek!

In an interview a few years back with Bystander Revolution, the actress dropped some serious gems, one of which I’m glad to have learned at a young age. Salma strongly advised us all to own our mistakes in life. Mistakes, after all, are how we learn and improve in our personal and professional lives!

Check out Salma’s advice below!

I’ve made A LOT of mistakes of my own over my short time on this earth. Some when it came to school. Some when it came to my writing career. A good bit in my personal life, too. We all do. We all mess up. We all miss the mark. We all are imperfect. And it’s okay…as long as you’re working to correct your mess ups.

For myself, some of my many struggles over the years included procrastination, grudges, and attitude problems—each of which led to a good deal of issues. With these struggles, I made a lot of mistakes in my work and relationships, and had to learn the hard way in order to improve. If I hadn’t have made some of the mistakes I did along my path, finally owned up to them, and worked to do better the next time, I would’ve continued to excuse bad behavior, inconsistent work, and terrible discipline. So I’m glad that I made the mistakes I did, and actually learned from them.

So own up to your faults, your screw ups, your mistakes in life. Like I said, we’re all imperfect. We can only strive to be better each day, learning and growing from each fault as time goes on.

Words of Wisdom: “Stand Back Up After You Fall Down”-Lindsey Stirling

These Words of Wisdom from performance artist Lindsey Stirling are no small thing. I share this video today specifically for those who keep getting hit with rejection and negativity, or feel overlooked in spite of their gift.

Lindsey knows that tune all too well. After taking her own gift and passion for dancing while playing the violin to America’s Got Talent in 2010, she wasn’t appreciated by the judges at first. In fact, Piers Morgan (a former judge on the show) said she sounded like rats being strangled! The nerve! I’m sure she’s heard some jacked up stuff before regarding her talent too.

After those mean comments, it took a lot for Lindsey to get to the stage, but she got there. “I had to pick myself up, and I think anybody that succeeds has had to do that. Not just once, but multiple, multiple times,” Lindsey shared. And now this girl has a thriving YouTube channel with millions of dedicated viewers, has toured all over the world with her unique gift, has her own documentary, and is on Dancing with the Stars this season!

Watch her encouraging words below…

Me personally, I go through periods of self-doubt after multiple rejections or no responses regarding new opportunities and pitches. Had a moment yesterday, matter of fact. We all do. A lot of us have heard negative comments about what we want to do, having to face doubters who don’t get our vision (side note: it’s not their job to). Yet and still, enough negative feedback can hurt, and make you doubt what it is you want to do.

We all have those moments where we fall down, or where we want to quit and settle for something less than we deserve. I GET IT. It’s okay to doubt yourself for a little bit. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to wallow for a minute (trust, I had the ugliest cry in my car yesterday…I’m not judging). What’s not okay is to give up. Give yourself a minute to hurt a little bit, but then settle your nerves, stand on up and press on anyway!

Words of Wisdom: “Treasure Your Gift”-Denzel Washington

This inspiring video from Denzel Washington was from a few years back, but I pull it out every now and then when I really need a fire lit under my butt.

Speaking to a group of young, aspiring actors, writers, and filmmakers, the legendary actor pushes them to truly treasure their gifts that they’ve been blessed with.  To not misuse or depreciate that gift by not establishing actual goals, or being undisciplined or inconsistent, but to really utilize, value, and share that gift. And if there’s anyone who can speak on this, it’s definitely Denzel!

Watch below…

I still appreciate this clip personally, because it reminds me that to not be disciplined and consistent with my goals and dream, is misusing the gifts that God has blessed me with. It also reminds me to be grateful for those gifts, and to use those to hopefully impact other people. I hope it does the same for you all!

Words of Wisdom: “Leave a Legacy”-Diane Von Furstenberg

This morning’s Words of Wisdom come from international fashion designer and entrepreneur Diane Von Furstenberg! 

In this short clip with CNBC, Diane talked about, when she discovered who she wanted to be, she was able to share that with other women. Beyond the designs, she wanted to be a woman who was confident in herself and her abilities, and then was able to share that confidence with so many other women! In knowing who you want to be, and working to become that person, you can then share who you are and what you’ve been through with others to help them in life in some way.

Watch below!

And I’m learning your legacy doesn’t have to be some huge thing, either. Of course, Diane has made an international empire that’s all about female empowerment, and I would love to impact even a small fraction of the people she has. I really hope I do as time goes on. But if I can touch just one person with this site, using the gift that God has blessed me with, encourage one soul walking this earth to keep walking, then that really is good for me. 

I think that’s what it’s all about—learning and growing in your gifts for your own fulfillment, sure, but then also to ultimately help and positively impact others. That’s your legacy.

What legacy do you hope you leave behind?