Words of Wisdom: “Focus on Happiness”-Zendaya

Zendaya is a positive young woman in this industry, very wise beyond her 21 years!

In a clip with Access Hollywood, the actress and singer opened up about the best piece of advice she’s ever gotten. Zendaya revealed that people should focus on happiness, instead of money or other material things. “There are so many people in this industry or just in life in general that are going through their days and may have everything that they ever want, but they’re not happy, ” Zendaya said. In fact, she’s so in tune with that idea, that, every day, she strives to make at least one person happy through kind words or deeds!

Watch below!

It’s a special message that I want to stick with you all, as I try to make sure it stays in the forefront of my mind as well. So often, we get caught up in the rat race, right? Trying to get ahead and stay ahead in whatever it is that we’re doing. Thinking about getting money and clothes and shoes (which are all nice, don’t get me wrong!). That’s all well and good, but happiness on the inside is what matter most. You could have it all, with no peace and joy inside you. In whatever you do, choose things that make you happy, instead of just doing something for money and material things that are fleeting. 

Words of Wisdom: “Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud”-Maya Angelou

These Words of Wisdom from the late, great Maya Angelou were definitely words I needed a refresher on when it comes to how I treat others.

In the clip below, the poet and activist stressed the importance of being kind to people that you come in contact with, which we don’t always do for whatever reason. Sometimes we’re tired and just want to be left alone. Sometimes we see people who look different or act different, and we turn up our nose on the inside. If you’re like me, you may not rock real heavy with people who’ve shown their true, ugly colors, either.

This video was a reminder to me to continue to be nicer to those I meet along the way, to share joy and positivity with those people and even you all who are reading this site. Even those who may not look like me, or believe in the same things I do. Even those —UGH—who do wrong against me. I’m working on that, but the way my petty is set up….

Sometimes it’s difficult. REALLY difficult. But I’m working on being a better rainbow to possibly brighten up somebody else’s day. We don’t always know what others are going through, and how we treat them can have a lasting impact on them for the good and the bad. Let’s make a point to be rainbows in other people’s clouds today.

Watch below (I know the link may look broken but it’s not…promise)!

Words of Wisdom: “How Bad Do You Want It?”-LL Cool J

Happy November y’all! I’m hoping that, as we wrap up 2017, this month and the next are amazing for you guys!

As we kick off this month, I want to pass along these Words of Wisdom from the one and only LL Cool J! As he was honored at the I Have a Dream Foundation – Los Angeles‘s 2014 Dreamer Dinner, the rapper turned TV host encouraged kids to keep working hard towards their goals, even though they may have people around that don’t believe in them. He asked them, “How bad do you want it? How hard are you willing to work for it?” In SPITE of anyone who doesn’t understand or believe in you.

It’s bigger than that though. Sometimes it’s outside voices. Sometimes it’s our circumstances. Sometimes it’s our own voices and excuses that take our eyes off the goals. Whatever dream you have, you HAVE to be willing to put the work in, in spite of everything going on and other people sounding off around.  On those days when you don’t want to, ask yourself, “How bad do you want it?” And then get to moving! I’m going into this month with this mentality. When it comes to my writing career. When it comes to my weight loss goals. When it comes to better relationships with others. I want more for myself. Don’t you?

Watch LL speak below!

Words of Wisdom: “Every Good Idea Has Its Time”-Dalia MacPhee

The name Dalia MacPhee is big in fashion. The designer’s gowns and other clothing have been featured in a number of major department stores, and has been worn by A-list celebs all over!

In a TED talk last year, Dalia spoke about her ventures, admitting that she’s always wanted to combine fashion and technology, and tried her hand at it in the early 2000s. She came up with the idea of these jeans that had a lit-up kiss on the back, and Macy’s decided to sell them. That year, it was Macy’s #1…FLOP. Nonetheless, Dalia picked herself up, and kept pressing forward in her goal, and is now creating a line of intelligent purses that will charge your electronics, light up when you’re getting a call on your phone and so much more!

Dalia shared her story of failure with this audience, expressing to them that every good idea has its time. Her failure with the jeans brought about the better and more relevant idea of creating these purses later in life. It may not have worked out for her the first time, but now she’s continue to expand her brand with an idea that she was passionate about and revamped.

Watch Dalia’s TED talk below!

These words of wisdom are so relevant to me, because this was my life. Not too many people know that I tried my hand at creating inspirational posts when I first created my online writing portfolio, BrittanyShawnte.com, in 2012. I shared some positive words, but it was a flop of my own. I wasn’t completely ready, so the idea fell to the wayside…until this year. I revamped my ideas and worked on creating a better website fully committed to uplifting other people, and the site’s growing each day!

So every idea that you have might not work on the first try. But if it’s something that you know you’re passionate about, and have a true vision for, don’t give up on it!

Words of Wisdom: “Be Fearless In Your Dreaming”-Taraji P. Henson

I LOVE Taraji P. Henson so much, man. Not only is she crazy talented, but she seems like such a fun and cool person, and has done so much in her career. I already know so much more success is going to be coming her way!

On a recent episode of The View, Taraji was asked if she ever dreamed that she would make it as far as she has. She boldly answered, “I did dream it!” and went on to say that, in all of your dreams, you have to dream big and fearlessly, seeing a greater vision for your life in the long run.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t come without hard work, though, and Taraji has most definitely put her time in. But she did it all, knowing that so much more was ahead for her. That’s how we have to dream, y’all. I now refuse to put any limitations on where I can be, or what I can do. I dream big, because I believe in myself, my gifts, and my destiny. How about you? 

Watch Taraji’s words of wisdom below!