Words of Wisdom: “There Is No Overnight Success”-Gary Vaynerchuk

I love Gary Vaynerchuk and his advice. He has no cut cards at all, and his videos have helped push me to be even more honest with myself and do more to reach my goals.  So I had to share these Words of Wisdom from him today!

So many of us want instant gratification simply because we’re good at what we do, and we feel we’ve put in some work. A few months or a few years of hustle, we should be exactly where we want to be right? Tuh. I know for myself that that’s a lie. Sure, you may become viral for a minute off of a quick video or blog post. You may put out some hits that people flock to for a while. But long-term success doesn’t happen overnight. It requires work. A lot of it.

Gary himself wasn’t an overnight success when it came to his videos, podcast, books, and businesses. This man was making moves behind the scenes and recording videos for TWELVE YEARS. And a lot of us are just now starting to get into his videos and work. Twelve years, he’s been grinding it out, and now he’s catapulted to this major star because of his wise, no-holds-barred advice to people trying to make it. He’s a prime example of what it really takes to get to where you want to be!

Watch Gary’s words below!

So if it took him a good twelve years, and it’s taken other people years and years to get where they are, why do you assume you can cut corners? I think these social media posts have some people’s minds all messed up. We need honesty like this as a reminder that nothing worth having comes easy or fast. You have to bust your butt to get where you want to be, and it takes time! So don’t get discouraged that you don’t have everything all together like you want yet. As long as there’s still breath in your body, there’s still time.



Words Of Wisdom: “Place Importance on the Right Things”-J. Cole

Man, these Words of Wisdom from J. Cole from some years back still ring true!

In a clip from a 2014 interview with Angie Martinez, Cole speaks on how we, as a society, often place our focus on attaining success, more money, more posssessions. More, more, more. All of it’s never truly satisfying and truly attainable, because we will then continue to see and want whatever’s newer, bigger, and better. But if you put importance on what really matters–love and respect for those around you, acts of kindness, etc.–you will find true happiness. There’s plenty of that to go around that will feed your soul.

And I know for myself just how much this is true, because, after attaining some of the very things I wanted and I prayed for, I still found myself wanting even more. I put my focus on attaining success in my career, money, and material things, which isn’t necessarily a terrible thing. But it becomes bad when you put it above your beliefs and values, before your family, before your integrity, before the intangible things that ultimately matter so much more. I don’t want to ever forget what’s most important, and I don’t want you all to either.

Watch Cole’s powerful words below!

Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Wait”-Peter Dinklage

I’m very encouraged by this Words of Wisdom video from Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage!

While speaking at Bennington College, Peter encouraged to the students to discover and pursue their passions and dreams right now. He himself was stuck with a job that didn’t give him purpose, but decided at the age of 29 to be a full-time actor. There were bumps and bruises along the way, but look at him now! He’s doing incredibly well, but he admitted kind of wished he hadn’t waited so long to do what he loved.

Point blank, you shouldn’t wait on ANYTHING or ANYONE to start finding your purpose and pursuing it. You don’t need anybody’s approval or permission. And we all know that you don’t need nor will you find the perfect moment to start. You may never be completely 100% “ready,” but get going anyway!

Now granted, we don’t all find our life purpose at a young age. It may take a good long while, and that’s okay. But, once you do find it, you owe it to yourself to pursue it. Depending on your schedule, do what you can do, but at least get started.

Watch below!

Words of Wisdom: “Focus on the Goal”-Idris Elba

I hope you all really are inspired by today’s Words of Wisdom video…this time from Idris Elba!

Idris talks for a moment of not being afraid of failure, but he also discusses the importance of focusing on your goals and not looking around at what other people are doing, or even how far you have to go. The actor brings up his swimming laps in a pool, admitting that he keeps his head down and just focuses on reaching the end. Guaranteed, if he pauses to lift his head up and start focusing on the laps left or maybe even other people swimming around him, he gets tired quickly and more likely to give up.

My dad always tells me to just keep plugging away towards my true goals in life. I’ll be honest, though. A lot of times, I still get caught up a little in what other people seem to be doing or how far they’ve gotten. I’ll look at where I am at, and how far I have to go, and it can become discouraging sometimes. So I’m learning to put my head down, and focus on just putting in the work. I can’t worry about what other people are doing, or even what all I have left to do, because it doesn’t help me long term. It just takes my eyes off of the current work at hand!

I encourage you all to keep your eyes on the ultimate prize and keep plugging away. Don’t pay attention to what other people have going on. Worry about what YOU have going on, and get to work! 

Watch Idris’ wise message below…


Words of Wisdom: “Do What You Love”-Jim Carrey

Happy to share this Words of Wisdom video with you all to give you some encouragement today!

In a commencement speech at the Maharishi University of Management, Jim Carrey dropped some knowledge about the importance of He even used his own father as an example. His dad wanted to be a comedian but didn’t see how that would be possible, so he settled into a life of accounting. Not that there’s anything wrong with accounting, but what’s wrong is choosing a life you don’t really want just to be safe, and not believe you can have what you want. “So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality,” Jim acknowledged. “What we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect, so we never dare to ask the universe for it.” We don’t pursue the life we really want and end up getting stuck in a life that gives us no joy or purpose.

Does that sound like you? I know I can relate! A lot of us settle into comfortable positions in life out of straight fear that what we really want can’t sustain us, or might fail. I don’t know about y’all, but I’d rather fail at attempting to do what I love than spending every week wishing for Friday for the next however many years! That’s not living.

Watch Jim’s wise words below…