Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Be A Part-Time Dreamer”-Paulo Coelho

I love this #WordsofWisdom clip from famed writer Paulo Coelho!

Best known for his book, The Alchemist, Paulo sat down with Oprah Winfrey for her Super Soul Sunday series to talk about his work and offered some great gems. In this video, he discusses the importance of not being a part-time dreamer!

 However, the only way to actually get there is to do whatever it is you have a passion for! If you want to be a writer, and maybe aren’t finding that many opportunities, create your own site (that’s what I did!). If you want to start your own business in something you’re passionate about, research the necessary steps you need to take and get moving. If you want to be an artist, work on your craft.

Dreaming is great and all, but actually becoming the person you want to be requires ACTION on your part. No, every part of the journey won’t be perfect, but eventually, you’ll get where you were supposed to be. You’d be surprised how many doors will open for you once you finally get started!

Words of Wisdom: “Be Curious and Confident”-Debi Mazar

Hope you guys take away some inspiration from these great Words of Wisdom from actress Debi Mazar!

In this clip, Debi spoke out on how important it is to continue to be curious when it comes to developing your craft. She admitted she was consumed with learning more during whatever new project she was working on. She put in the extra work to study and learn new things outside of just acting (like producing and directing skills). That’s why she’s had a pretty successful career in front of (and behind!) the camera. In the video, she also encouraged others to keep going and be confident in what they bring to the table, which is exactly what she’s done. Definitely encouraging!

Watch Debi’s thoughts below…

Words of Wisdom: “Be Yourself”-Issa Rae

These Words of Wisdom from Issa Rae are simple but powerful.

In this video, the writer/actress/director/etc. opened up about what she would tell her younger self. The main piece of advice? Stop trying so hard. She often felt like she wasn’t good enough, cool enough or fun enough. But now she realizes that she didn’t need to be that. She learned to embrace who she was, EXACTLY THE WAY SHE WAS.

I’ll probably develop a longer post about this later, but I struggled with this for a long time, especially when I was younger. I felt like I had to be like the majority to get other people to like me, and I got tired of it after a while. Even now, I have to check myself on trying to be like other people while working on this site. Pretending gets tiring.  So I’m learning to stick to who I really am, quirks and all. Those who rock with me will continue to. Those who don’t…well, bye!

Watch Issa’s video below!


Words of Wisdom: “Get To Know Yourself”-Adrienne Bailon

I love Adrienne Bailon‘s spirit! She just really seems like a sweet and genuine person with a lot of good advice to share. So I had to share this great video with her powerful Words of Wisdom!

Adrienne had always wanted to study abroad and immerse herself in other cultures. She had travel for work, of course, but that’s not really the same. So, during a summer break from her talk show, The Real, she took time to do just that. Alone. Not only did she get to experience different cultures and had the opportunity to think about who she is now and what she wanted for her life.

I’m ALL for this. You don’t necessarily have to travel across the world to do it, but you can take daily moments of reflection about the direction of your life  And it’s important to do this BY YOURSELF. ALONE. Which can scare people, I know. “I think sometimes when you hear the noise of everyone around you, you can’t really figure out what it is you really want for yourself,” Adrienne said. So true!

Watch Adrienne’s words of wisdom below…

Words Of Wisdom: “It’s Time To Have No Excuses”-Michelle Williams

This Words of Wisdom video from Michelle Williams is a much-needed kick in the behind!

In this clip shared by xo Necole, Michelle shares that it’s time for all of us to move with no excuses. We let excuses of being busy, or not being good enough, or whatever else get into our heads, and then hold off on doing stuff. In the end, all we do is hold our own selves back! “We don’t do things when we should do things because we think we’re going to get a second chance,” Michelle stated. Ain’t that the truth!

Look, opportunities will straight pass you by and even go to a less qualified person if you keep playing around. I’m partly preaching to myself with this one. I’ve talked before about all of these plans we continue to make, but never truly execute. In 2018, I’ve been moving with no excuses in my life and the results are slowly but surely paying off! I hope that you are committed to that as well. If not, make that commitment today!

Watch Michelle’s advice below!