Words of Wisdom: “Lose The Boundaries” – Idris Elba

Idris Elba opens up about the importance of breaking through boundaries to achieve your goals!

Words of wisdom today from the great Idris Elba! Besides his being devilishly handsome, Idris is actually very wise, and I appreciate him dropping this specific gem. In this video from Goalcast, the actor opens up about shooting your shot in life, and being courageous and bold enough to go after what you desire!

Too often, I know I put restrictions on myself unconsciously. I don’t go for different opportunities because I don’t feel “good enough” or “qualified enough.” I seriously sometimes wonder how many things I missed out because of that. But this year, I’ve decided to erase that negative thinking for life!

If you want something, you’ve got to at least try. You may not get it, but if you don’t at least attempt, you’ll never know. Like Idris says in this video, “lose the boundaries, lose the conformity, and go for it!”

Watch below…

Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Let Success Jeopardize Your Soul”-Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey gave some sound advice to the graduating class at University of Houston back in 2015. He asked the grads a simple question: “What is success to you?

Some people are focused on getting money and making a better life for themselves. That’s success in their minds, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some people think being a success is being a great parent, or to figure out a way to help others, or to be spiritually sound. For me, it’s a mix of things, including making money at what I love to do, but also being a better Christian, daughter, sister, and friend, and serving others in various capacities. We all have different ideas of success, and that’s fine, Matthew says. Our ideas of success might even change over time and that’s okay, too. 

But, in this short clip, Matthew dropped a powerful message. Whatever you go after, “Don’t choose anything that that will jeopardize your soul.” I definitely agreed. However you personally define success, just make sure you don’t lose your soul in the process of attaining it. Don’t lose who you are as a person chasing after a vision. Don’t sacrifice your character for an end goal. Remember who you are, and move towards or maybe even away from opportunities or situations accordingly.

Watch below!

LOL: Jay Pharoah Impersonates Denzel Washington, Kevin Hart, and More!

Comedian Jay Pharoah definitely kills it with his impressions, effortlessly being able to imitate A-list stars like Denzel Washington, Kevin Hart, and Eddie Murphy!

This clip of his impressions is a throwback, but it still makes me laugh! And I don’t know about y’all, but I need a laugh this morning. Mondays are rough!


LOL: The Best of the Adorable McClure Twins

Late last year, 3-year-old twins, Ava and Alexis McClure went viral after a YouTube video with their mom, Ami, interviewing them about what it means to be identical twins. It all went downhill after poor Alexis broke out in tears after finding out (or really remembering) that she was a minute younger than Ava!

The video BLEW UP, with people all over falling in love with these little girls’ videos on YouTube! As Mama McClure “interviews” them, their responses are so hilarious, adorable, and unfiltered as only young kids can be! I had to share this “best of” video of Ava and Alexis, because it always makes me smile and laugh!

Watch below! Continue reading “LOL: The Best of the Adorable McClure Twins”

Inspirational Jam: “Unwritten”-Natasha Bedingfield

“I break tradition
Sometimes my tries are outside the lines
We’ve been conditioned to not make mistakes
But I can’t live that way.”
                                                                  –Natasha Bedingfield (“Unwritten”)

For the site, I’ll be featuring some great inspirational music and music videos that inspire me to keep going. “Unwritten” from Natasha Bedingfield was, is, and will forever be my jam! It moved me to make the most out of each day of my life, and not worry as much about getting every single thing I did 100% right.

The singer had two other singles that came out previously on her debut album, Unwritten, but the title track is the one that stood out the most for her. So much so, it even became the theme song for MTV’s hit show, The Hills, featuring a young Lauren Conrad trying to make it in the fashion world.

Crazy to even think that this came out in 2004!!! Watch the video for “Unwritten” below…

This is the perfect jam for the launch of Imperfectly B today! This site, and the rest of my life, is a book with blank pages and empty spaces waiting to be filled. I hold the pen. As do you when it comes to your own life decisions. Real, real corny I know, but it’s true! Today begins a new, exciting chapter in my book. The rest is still… well you know.



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