Women Creating Change To Host 2nd Annual “Stand Up 4 Her’ Charity Event

Excited to share this great upcoming charity event happening in California and organization, Women Creating Change! Women Creating Change seeks to empower women to create change in their communities through artistic collaboration in entertainment.

The organization will host ‘Stand Up 4 Her’, an evening dedicated to celebrating women in entertainment from the Middle East and North Africa. WCC is fiscally sponsored by Women’s Voices Now and is working in partnership with Women In Film, Alliance of Women Directors, New Filmmakers LA, Film Fatales, and Women In Media, for this second annual charity event. Stand Up 4 Her is being held this coming Sunday, November 17th in Santa Monica, California. 

The evening will be hosted by Reem Edan and Gal Macadar and is set to feature powerful performances by renowned female comedians, poets, storytellers, artists, performers, and musicians from Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Morocco, Palestine, and Israel, who will bridge cultural divides by celebrating diversity on stage. In addition to the performances, WCC will present a special artwork sale and exhibition, authentic Middle Eastern cuisine from Chef Oshri Vaknin and hosted cocktail reception sponsored by Stella Artois and Dulce Vida. All proceeds from the evening will benefit WCC programs for female filmmakers. 

“Women Creating Change was founded by female filmmakers and artists from across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), who seek to inspire change and bridge cultural divides,” stated WCC Founder, Lee Broda. “I am excited to help celebrate these talented female storytellers at this year’s event, Stand Up 4 Her, as we continue to strive to create a space for peaceful co-existence and honest, substantive dialogue around today’s

The glamorous and star-studded Stand Up For Her evening will feature comedians Crystal Marie Denha, Melissa Shoshahi, Noam Shuster, Nina Kharoufeh, Natalie Marciano, Zain Shami, and Mona Shaikh, with featured poets Shelly Skandrani, Salma El- Wardany, and Lee Broda, and storyteller Ayser Salman. There will also be an exhibit showing the original artwork of Fadia Afashe (Syria), Pooneh Rafsha (Iran), Tasneem Rahman (Pakistan), and Ilanit Maghen (Israel), curated by Lauren Annette Schoth. Attending guests will be treated to a special musical performance by Inbar Starr and beats from DJ Karina Kay during the dessert reception hosted by The Baklava Factory and Mamilla Restaurant.

LOL: Ellen DeGeneres Plays “Do You Think They Can Dance?” With Audience Members

I had to start today with this funny video. Ellen DeGeneres loves to dance and often dances with her audience during her talk show. This week, she kicked off a new game called, “Do You Think They Can Dance?” I got a kick out of it for sure.

In the clip, Ellen and her DJ tWitch took turns guessing if a few members of the audience had legit moves based on their demeanor, occupation, and location. A few of them did and one definitely DID NOT! LOL this was my morning laugh of the day.

I have GOT to get to Burbank and get on this woman’s show!

Watch the video below.

Tyler Perry Will Assist Displaced LGBTQ Youth, Homeless Women and More At His New Atlanta Studio

Tyler Perry has made history by becoming the first African-American to open his own movie studio. The grand opening of Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta brought out A-list celebrities and entertainment executives from all over, as has been seen in various articles and social media posts. However, what’s even more impressive is the work that he has planned to help others with the new property.

In an interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning, Tyler revealed that he has big plans to help those in need in ATL through a new compound he plans to build on the studio grounds.”You know, the studio’s gonna be what it is,” he said. “I’ll tell you what I’m most excited about next is pulling this next phase off, is building a compound for trafficked women, girls, homeless women, LGBTQ youth who are put out and displaced… somewhere on these 330 acres, where they’re trained in the business and they become self-sufficient.”

His goal with the compound is to create a welcoming community where these people will live in nice apartments with daycare and other amenities to help them re-enter society. It’s an incredible vision and shows Tyler’s good heart and love of community. He has always been charitable and thinking of other people, creating jobs and opportunities for others, specifically for people of color. I can’t wait to see this dream become reality!

Watch Tyler talk about his plans below.

Local EMT Dresses Up as Batman To Help Little Girl Battle School Bullies

Jack Asbury III is a superhero in real life but dressed up a popular fictional one to help a little girl struggling with bullies at her school.

Jack is a local EMT in Spring Hill, FL who also dresses up as Batman to help others in his local community, especially kids. One day, he noticed that a friend, Erica Calculli (also from Spring Hill), posted on Facebook that her three-year-old daughter Lydia was dealing with physical and emotional injuries from bullies at her school. One day, the little girl even came home with a black eye! “At first it was very minor and I thought it happened just playing around, so I let it go,” Erica explained. But eventually, Lydia told the whole truth. “She told me that a bunch of girls and one boy hit her, and a girl threw a shoe at her eye.”

When Jack saw that post, he asked Erica if he could walk Lydia to school as Batman. The mom quickly gave her blessing and Jack met the two outside of Lydia’s school as the Dark Knight. “At first, Lydia was a little shy and nervous,” Jack said. “But when I told her I had a gift for her, she came out and started talking.” He gave the young girl her own superhero costume, telling her that she is brave just like the other superheroes he knows.

Facebook / The Batman of Spring Hill

The kids inside were stunned to see Batman inside of their school, but especially walking hand-in-hand with Lydia. Inside the classroom, he spoke to all of the kids in Lydia’s class, letting them know that Lydia was his best friend and he would be back to check on her.

Since then, the kids’ attitude towards Lydia has turned around. In fact, a little boy befriended Lydia after seeing her superhero best friend. Lydia is doing much better academically and socially, and Erica is so grateful that Jack stepped in. It was definitely a heartwarming story to read and I’m glad that “Batman” was able to help this little girl.

Jack is working to help other families in and around the Spring Hill community. In fact, he has set up a “Batfund” on Facebook to assist in creating care packages and providing other needs for those who could use the help. A true hero in real life!

Seth Rogen and Wife Lauren Host Charity Carnival to Raise Money Alzheimer’s Research

Over the weekend, Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller Rogen hosted a special charity carnival in support of Alzheimer’s research.

The couple’s Hilarity for Charity County Fair had classic rides and games as well as a lot of celebrity appearances. Stars like Bill Hader, Adam Levine, Busy Philipps, Josh Gad, Regina Hall, and more came out to the event to support the effort. “It has all the ingredients of a very good time,” Seth said to PEOPLE at the carnival. “And all in the name of something that is not at all a good time. I think that contrast is what has been interesting for people and it’s been a draw for people — to attack a subject that is decidedly not that fun with an approach that is as fun as we can make it.”

Seth and Lauren started the Hilarity for Charity organization back in 2012 after Lauren’s mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at the age of 55. The couple and their team have hosted several variety shows and stand-up comedy performances over the years to raise money for the cause. The charity has raised over $11 million since its beginning.

“I think because I felt alone, it was important to create something where young people could feel a part of this disease and feel like they could have a hand in fighting against it,” Lauren revealed. “That idea just led to, combined with the fact that Seth is a comedian and I’m kind of funny, it’s just what came naturally to us.”

The fun event also included a performance by rapper Anderson .Paak and a half-pipe showcase from skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. Seth himself hopped in the Dunk Tank, ending the night on an even more hilarious high.

I’ve read each year about Hilarity for Charity and think it’s awesome what Seth and Lauren have been able to do! Praying that one day this disease can be stopped once and for all.