Inspirational Jam: “Through The Rain”-Mariah Carey

“And if you keep falling down, don’t you dare give in. You will arise safe and sound, so keep pressing on steadfastly…”

I haven’t listened to this song in forever but it’s certainly an Inspirational Jam to encourage struggling hearts. No matter where you are in life, I hope that this song uplifts you today and beyond.

Mariah Carey‘s “Through The Rain,” to me, is one of the most underrated and most beautiful songs in her entire music catalog. On the song, she encourages those who right now may be “caught in the rain” in life to keep pressing forward. It’s difficult when it seems like there’s no end in sight to the pain or hardships you’re going through, but you will come out on the other side if you don’t lose heart.

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Inspirational Jam: “Get Ready”-Rayelle

“The time is right…no standing still. Only one choice now. Battle uphill.”

Happy New Year y’all! Wishing you all an amazing 2020 filled with new opportunities and growth. I wanted to share this perfect Inspirational Jam to start the New Year from singer Rayelle.

Rayelle’s track, “Get Ready,” is about getting your butt in gear and getting to the grind. With every new year, we all have new goals and dreams, but our work has to match it.

I made some big strides in 2019, but if I’m honest, I made some excuses. I went semi-hard on my goals but nowhere near to the level I could have. This year is really about making smarter moves and being more disciplined. I have a lot I want to accomplish, and I know you do too. Hopefully, this song serves as a motivating one to kick off the year!

Take a listen to the song below!

Inspirational Jam: “Stand Tall”-VOILÀ ft. Ava Michelle

“Stand tall for a lifetime…you got more, you got more to give. Let all of your light shine and you’ll rise up over it…”

This Inspirational Jam from pop duo VOILÀ featuring Ava Michelle is one that pushes us all to recognize the beauty and talents that we have.

“Stand Tall” was featured on the Netflix original movie Tall Girl which Ava and Luke Eisner (half of the duo VOILÀ) starred in. The movie, a typical high school rom-com with an inspirational twist, was alright. I truly loved this song, though.

The track is all about loving yourself, letting your light shine and giving your all, even if you come across some negativity along the way. Inevitably, you will but when you know who you are and are confident in that, it won’t matter what people think or say. You stand tall anyway! I hope this encourages someone struggling to love themselves as they are.

Watch the official lyric video below!

Inspirational Jam: “Ay Yo”-Melanie Fiona

If you have a light then hold it up and let it shine…would you make the choice to meet your destiny or let this lifetime pass you by?

I really needed this Inspirational Jam from Melanie Fiona today. I hope this song is a beacon of hope and empowerment to someone else too.

“Ay Yo” is a song about going after your dreams and making the most of your life while you have it. It can be easy to get caught up in other people’s opinions on your goals or even your own doubts. I know all too well.

However, I believe in myself and where I’m going. I know that God has a plan for me to be better than I even imagined. I’m not letting my light dim for anything or anybody, not even my own issues and insecurities. This song serves as encouragement for me to keep pressing forward. I hope it shines a light in your life today too.

Watch the official video below!

Inspirational Jam: “W.A.Y.S.”-Jhené Aiko

At forty-four minutes to four, an angel walked up to my door…opened the windows to my soul. Told me he thinks that I should know life only gets harder but you gotta get stronger…”

W.A.Y.S.” by Jhené Aiko is such a beautiful song. I used to listen to it all the time when I was struggling with where I was in life a few years ago. I pray that posting it as an Inspirational Jam will bring someone hope and motivation.

The acronym W.A.Y.S. stands for “Why Aren’t You Smiling,” which was the phrase that the singer’s brother Miyagi would use as he battled cancer. He eventually passed away and this song became a tribute to him. It also details Jhené’s own struggles as she works on growing in her career and personal life. In the midst of the hardships, she pushes on for her brother and daughter, and remembers to hold her head up and smile at the good things happening. She also realizes that everything she is going through, good and bad, are lessons for her to utilize in life and pass on to others.

This song is a reminder that life isn’t just about one moment, good or bad. There are lessons to be learned but also memories to be made. In spite of what may be happening around you, you still have to find a way to keep living. I know this all too well.

Take a listen to the song below!