Happy New Year, ya’ll! I wish and hope that everyone has an amazing 2018, and accomplishes everything you plan to get done this year! 

This #MondayMotivation quote from writer Tobias Wolff is a powerful one to kick off the year! We are all made to persist towards the goals we have for ourselves. It could be in our careers or side hustles. It could be our fitness. It could be with our personal relationships and families. But it’s obviously not always easy. It’s not always the prettiest journey. It doesn’t always go the way you planned.

However, in persisting, you will eventually win, but also, in persisting, you learn so much about yourself. Who you are, what you have to give, and where you’re meant to be. You learn more about how much you can handle, and what you need to let go of in order to get ahead.

As we go into this new year, I encourage you all to keep persisting, in spite of all the times when you want to give up or when it doesn’t look like you’re going to reach your goals. So we’re all gonna keep on keeping on, and be the best we can be in 2018.


Love this quote from poet Ezra Pound, so I definitely had to share it for this week’s #MondayMotivation!

This one is real, real simple. A little too simple, but real. In this life, you either make moves or you’re gonna get moved around. Pushed around really. If you don’t make plans towards your own career, your health, your finances, etc., you’ll be moved by something or someone else for the rest of your life.

If you don’t start making progress towards bettering your health, and keep eating whatever you want with no exercise, it’ll catch up to you. If you keep spending however and wherever on whatever you want, you for sure will be struggling out here. And career? Pshhh. Settling will get you pushed around at dead end job after dead end job.

So, if you haven’t been making moves of your own to better your life, get started TODAY. Don’t wait until next week,  or even the New Year to try to get your life together. Start now. Or don’t be upset when things don’t go like you want.



Taking this #MondayMotivation quote from Hillary Clinton to heart!

So many of us HATE criticism from anybody, so often calling it as “hate” because it’s not in our favor. And, sometimes, it very well is, and we should let it roll of our backs.

However, a good amount of time, a “hater” is merely somebody trying to offer you constructive criticism that you can use to become better at whatever it is you’re doing.  Case in point, in my early writing days, my blog posts truly showed my age and immaturity. I wrote using a lot of “LOLs” and other internet slang and abbreviations. There’s nothing wrong with it every now and then, but I was doing it a lot and, looking back, it makes me cringe a bit. One day, a reader schooled me saying something to the effect of, “Great post but cut out all of the LOLs…it’s like reading my daughter’s text messages.” Well, dang!

But that reader was right. In order for me to be taken seriously as a writer, I had to up my game. That one little comment in my first year of The Spotlight forced me to take my writing to another level. I have done so ever since, learning new things when it comes to creating content each year. If I had dismissed that person as a hater, I don’t think I would’ve gotten as far as I have as early as I have when it comes to my freelance career.

None of us are perfect, and, sometimes, we need to be made aware of mistakes we don’t even know we’re making. If you really feel like there’s absolutely no merit, then no sweat. Let it go in one ear and out of the other. But, if you can reflect and find even an inkling of truth in another person’s criticism, try your best to take note and learn from it. Constructive criticism will ultimately make you better if you allow it!


It’s another Monday and it’s back to the grind! Hopefully this #MondayMotivation quote inspires you as you go throughout this week.

Rebecca Woodcock, founder of CakeHealth, shared this quote about how important it is to keep moving towards your goals! So often, we waste time with different things—procrastinating, comparing, feelings of not being good enough or not knowing enough, etc. All that ends up doing is taking away time from what we could be doing.

With whatever you know and whatever you have, move forward anyway! You can always pick up new things along the way, and change up your processes as you go. Shoot, I’m constantly reevaluating and learning how to do things better than I did before. But I’m still moving. I refuse to waste any time!

I want the same for you guys. Don’t let different ideas in your head or surrounding circumstances make you stop pursuing the goals that you have for yourself!


The weekend always goes by so fast y’all…sheesh. Well, here’s to another great Monday and week…let’s get into some #MondayMotivation!

Man, I love watching videos from entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee). With his different videos and quotes online, that man will get you ALL. THE. WAY. TOGETHER. Gary knows all about what goes into reaching higher heights, and he always keeps it 100. So I wanted to share this quote with you guys for today.

Let’s be real. Many people are cool with being…regular. Doing the bare minimum for average results. That’s cool for them. I’m not going to judge anyone for that, but personally, I’m trying to go beyond a regular, mundane life. I want to be extraordinary. I don’t want to be going through the motions each day for the rest of my life. So I put in the necessary work to get and stay on the path to greatness.

By now, you ought to know that, in order to achieve great things, you’ve got to put in great work. Greatness doesn’t come from putting in average time and energy, but that’s what a lot of people put out. How can you really think that you’re going to get to new and better levels doing the same old, basic, inconsistent work? The best results really do come from what a lot of people don’t want to do. Maybe it’s putting in extra time at the gym or the office. Or learning a few new skills to get a new job. Shoot, it can even be batching new content early Saturday morning while most people are still asleep.

Seriously reaching your goals (and not just talking about it) takes extra effort that a lot of people aren’t willing to do. Don’t be one of those people. Do all you can do, take a short break, and then do some more. Watch how your results shift for the better!