Hey y’all! Here’s a #MondayMotivation quote that I hope inspires you to go after your dreams…even if there’s already someone doing what you do.

At this point, there aren’t too many fields or opportunities left untapped. Everyone is an entrepreneur, influencer, blogger, motivational speaker, online comedian, etc, etc. these days. I’ll admit that that used to intimidate me and even stop me from doing the things I’ve been called to do. 

Even though these fields may seem “oversaturated,” I began to realize that everyone has a unique flair that they bring to the table. No one story or background is exactly the same and there are viewers, readers and supporters out there for everyone. So I determined that I wouldn’t stop doing what I love because other people are trying their hand at it. There’s room out here for everybody!

What would you do or work on if you weren’t intimidated by what other people have going on? 


This #MondayMotivation quote from comedian and actor Milton Berle serves as an encouragement for people dealing with rejection from opportunities they want.

One of the greatest things I ever did was starting my own blog. When I couldn’t find any writing opportunities, I created one of my own which cracked the door for what I’m doing now. It took initiative, persistence, and perseverance, but it all worked out.

Sometimes, when things don’t pan out how you think they should, you have to start with doing your own thing. Creating your own door when others are shut in your face. If you take that seriously, it will grow to open doors you never imagined. Or it might even be the only door you need.


I have this simple but real #MondayMotivation quote pinned up by my desk. I hope that it motivates you all to keep moving too.

Between my 9-5, writing gigs, working on this site and other outside activities, I’ve been running all over the place. And recently, I’ve been mad about it and complaining to myself. It’s tiring sometimes for real and I’ve been wanting to just quit it all. Especially on the days when things don’t pan out how I think they should. I make excuses that I’m oh so tired when, a lot of times, I’m just being lazy.

The audacity of me.

When I saw this quote, it reminded me that I asked for all of these things. I really want to make some big changes for my future and that requires serious time and effort, even when I don’t feel like it. I can make excuses if I want to, but that’s not going to get me to where I want to be. You either. We can stop and rest when we need to, but we can’t slack off and fall back. We’ll never get to our end goals that way.

Instead of complaining or finding a reason not to do something, push yourself to get it done. Find a way. Not an excuse.


I, along with most of the world, am in shock and truly heartbroken by the tragic passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and seven others in a helicopter crash. Though I’m not big on basketball anymore, I grew up watching him on and off the court. My heart breaks for these family and friends impacted. In the midst of confusion and sadness, it’s only fitting that today’s #MondayMotivation quote comes from him. Rest in peace to all nine of these souls.

I’ve been praying and meditating over my life lately that my life and my work touches people and pushes them to be great. This quote reminded me of that mission. I realize just how much impact matters over money or fame. And it’s not for your own glory. For me, it’s all about God and his love and light showing through. I don’t always get things right. I’m obviously imperfect in thoughts, words, and deeds. But, overall, I hope and pray that, when I leave this earth, I will have impacted someone to do more with his or her life. To be the best that they can be. Kobe did that for millions but as long as it’s one person, I’ll be at peace.


Happy Monday! Hoping that this #MondayMotivation quote motivates you to push through procrastination this week.

Admittedly, I struggle so much with this. I procrastinate a good bit when it comes to my goals behind the scenes for this site and other writing tasks. I’ll push it off until “later” and then it will never get done. Sometimes you do need a break before you reach burn out, but, if we’re real, a lot of times us pushing our tasks for our goals until “later” is out of laziness or fear that things won’t end well in the first place. Or maybe that’s just me.

But that’s not commitment or discipline.

I’m going to write a longer post about how I’m curbing procrastination later. However, what it really comes down to is HOW BAD YOU WANT IT. Whether it’s achieving a new sales goal or hitting a milestone in your weight loss, it requires work. It requires work when you’d rather sleep in or watch movies on the couch. Even if you only work for a little while, it’s better than slacking and then never getting around to it at all.