LOL: YouTuber Khadi Don Remixes Eminem’s “Stan” For Beyoncé

This was definitely a much needed laugh this morning!

As most of us normal people do, I LOVE Beyoncé and consider myself a member of the BeyHive, though more on the chill side! There are definitely different levels to being a fan and a full fledged member of the Hive. Well, YouTuber Khadi Don took her standom to a whole other level. She did a special dedication to Queen B, putting her own spin on Eminem‘s “Stan.” Which, if you’ve ever heard the song or seen the video, is about this crazy dude who goes off for Em HARD.

In this cover, so does Khadi, who’s a little bothered that she didn’t get an invite to Bey’s recent delivery of her twins, because they’re supposed to be besties! The girl got her hair dyed blonde like Bey’s, tweets and writes to the woman regularly, and even has two goldfish named Blue and Ivy. I CANNOT!

Watch below!

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LOL: “Driving” Robot Prank Scares Drive-Thru Workers

A little LOL this morning!

I love watching prank videos and seeing people’s reactions after getting a little scare! In this one, somehow, some way, a guy developed a robot that could “drive” and “interact” with people. So he used the robot to create an epic prank on drive-thru workers, and their reactions are HILARIOUS! Nice, funny start to the morning!

Watch below…

LOL: Australia Radio Hosts Hamish & Andy Prank the Best Guy Ever

Hamish Blake & Andy Lee are an Australian comedic duo that currently host the popular radio program Hamish & Andy, which airs nationally over in the land down under. The two regularly pull pranks on their listeners, but this one not only makes me laugh, but kind of reminds me that there are really good people out there!

So check it out…Hamish calls up a male listener pretending to be a guy in desperate need for a job reference, even from a complete stranger! The caller kindly obliges, but probably didn’t think he was going to actually be called. Until Andy calls him, pretending to be the potential employer! The caller’s response is hilarious, but awesome at the same time!

Check out the funny prank below…

Literally, the best guy ever!

LOL: Jay Pharoah Impersonates Denzel Washington, Kevin Hart, and More!

Comedian Jay Pharoah definitely kills it with his impressions, effortlessly being able to imitate A-list stars like Denzel Washington, Kevin Hart, and Eddie Murphy!

This clip of his impressions is a throwback, but it still makes me laugh! And I don’t know about y’all, but I need a laugh this morning. Mondays are rough!


LOL: The Best of the Adorable McClure Twins

Late last year, 3-year-old twins, Ava and Alexis McClure went viral after a YouTube video with their mom, Ami, interviewing them about what it means to be identical twins. It all went downhill after poor Alexis broke out in tears after finding out (or really remembering) that she was a minute younger than Ava!

The video BLEW UP, with people all over falling in love with these little girls’ videos on YouTube! As Mama McClure “interviews” them, their responses are so hilarious, adorable, and unfiltered as only young kids can be! I had to share this “best of” video of Ava and Alexis, because it always makes me smile and laugh!

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