LOL: Father Lost For Words After Finding Out He’s Having His Fifth Baby Girl

Oh lawd, this poor dad was stunned after finding out the sex of his fifth child, he couldn’t even speak!

Mark and Angel Taylor of Arlington, TX, are already parents to four girls, Jordyn, 12, Juliyn, 9 Jaxsyn, 3 and Jestyn, 9 months. Needless to say, after finding out that Angel was carrying their fifth child, Mark was probably hoping for a little boy! I can’t imagine how the ladies of the house probably gang up on him now.

Welp, sadly, Mark didn’t get his wish! Angel recorded his reaction as he walked through the door to pink balloons on his living room floor, revealing that baby girl #5 was on the way. According to the mom, Mark was quiet for a full two hours after he got the news. “He just wouldn’t talk,” she revealed to ABC News. After the two suffered a miscarriage, Mark held out hope. “My husband’s thinking, ‘This is a miracle baby, so this has to be a boy,” Angel added. “He always wanted to call the baby [boy] Tre. I already came to terms that this was a baby girl.”

Watch the funny video below!

Mark’s shock did eventually wear off, and he expressed excitement over having another girl in the family. “Five is my favorite number, so five girls is fitting,” he said. Baby Jazlyn is set to arrive on May 3, so the family has some time to prepare, especially Mark. Sending up some special prayers for him, especially for when these ladies get older LOL!


LOL: This Little Girl Created a Hilarious Dating Profile for Her Mom

This video was a much needed laugh of the day! In this day and age, finding love online isn’t uncommon, with many people setting up dating profiles to find a good match. But having your 7-year-old set one up for you is guaranteed to be hilarious!

In a video with Glamour, 7-year-old Rylee set up her mom Erica on dating site OkCupid. The young girl answered the typical questions we ask to know someone like “What do you do?” or “What are your favorite movies?” But these questions from a 7-year-old’s frame of mind is WILD.

Rylee then went on to direct a photo shoot for her mom’s profile picture, even showing her mama how to pose! Check out how things went in the funny video below…


LOL: Airline Passenger Breaks Out Into Full-On Song While Waiting For His Flight

Traveling isn’t always the most fun experience, especially when it comes to airports (personally, I get crazy anxiety until I get where I’m going!). But there are some rare instances where gate agents and passengers have a little fun to pass the waiting time!

A few weeks ago down in New Orleans, a gate agent for Southwest Airlines at the Louis Armstrong International Airport jokingly invited passengers to sing a song into the intercom. Well, one passenger hit the mic, and he didn’t come to play! 

In a video posted on Facebook, the man was heard finishing a rendition of Oasis‘ “Wonderwall” before going into “No Diggity” by Blackstreet. The guy even pulled out some dance moves, entertaining the big group of passengers in the surrounding gates, before dropping the mic. I needed that laugh today!

Watch below…


LOL: KevOnStage Is Me When It Comes to Liking All Types of Music

Comedian KevOnStage just hit the nail on the head when it comes to liking all kinds of music…and I mean ALL kinds!

For those of y’all who don’t know him, Kev regularly gives his hilarious take on real life topics like, church, music, and relationships. He boasts thousands of followers and millions of views, so he’s definitely out here killing it with his comedy. Over the weekend, he dropped a new video about having an eclectic taste in music, and singing everything from gospel and pop, to R&B and trap (at the top of his lungs no less!). My sister shared it with me, knowing that I could relate This clip is most definitely me…sometimes all in one day. I am not ashamed! 

Definitely a good laugh to kick off the morning. Watch below (FYI–check your volume because he goes in)!

LOL: Feisty Sisters Gramma and Ginga Hit ‘Little Big Shots: Forever Young’ with Steve Harvey

If you’ve never heard of Gramma and Ginga, I really need you to go look these two up! These sisters are 103 and 98 years old, and they have NO cut cards, especially with each other. I love watching them go back and forth from videos on their official Facebook page.

These two were recently featured on Steve Harvey‘s latest show, Little Big Shots: Forever Young, a spinoff of Little Big Shots, and they were HILARIOUS!

Watch them go below!