Inspirational Jam: “Lose That Light”-Folly & The Hunter

“You can mourn but don’t let it take you out, 
Even if it gets hard. Even if it gets hard.”

I heard today’s Inspirational Jam on a show somewhere, I’m sure, but it’s a beautiful one that I want to share!

Indie-folk band Folly & The Hunter‘s track, “Lose That Light,” is an encouraging song for those feeling down and out after going through bad circumstances. Many of us have or are presently going through battles that nobody knows nothing about, and it affects everyone in different ways. I think it’s important, especially with people taking their lives over internal battles that they often kept hidden from a lot of people.

Please don’t lose yourself in temporary pain and heartache. Don’t allow your circumstances to take away the light and love you have to give. Reach out for help and encouragement from those you trust. If you need to, even call hotlines for help. Don’t suffer alone. I hope this song encourages someone today.

Watch the calming video below…

Inspirational Jam: “All Blue”-Jade Novah

“Watching the world spinning out of control, it seems like we living to die
Who wants to keep looking down at the floor, we should have our heads up high…”

I love this beautiful song “All Blue” by Jade Novah, and had to share it as this week’s Inspirational Jam!

The song is Jade’s official debut single, and it’s pure inspiration to never put limits on what I am able to do in this life. I may have some fears and doubts, but I’m determined to keep my head up high and power through anyway. I know that there is more ahead for me, so why would I keep my head down? Why would I settle? I finally understand the power I have within myself, so why would I ever settle for an average life on the ground? I’m working towards a magnificent life up in the clouds, one that I myself never even imagined. That’s what I get out of this song. I hope that you find inspiration in this too!

Watch the official video below!

Inspirational Jam: “Last of Me”-Xscap3

“Some say luck, but it’s my season to climb up out the ground, and stand up tall…” 

Xscap3 has been on the move since their tour last year, moving on as a trio without Kandi Burruss. The group released an EP, Here For It, which includes today’s Inspirational Jam, “Last of Me!”

We all have certainly had people who have looked down on us and thought that we weren’t going to amount to much. This song is all about proving them wrong! No matter who may try to put me down, I’ve been through enough to stand strong and confident in who I am and what I have to give. Each one of you is too. I’m not saying that words don’t hurt, because they do.  However, you’re strong enough to rise above and show the haters that no one can stop these goals of yours!

Take a listen to the track below…

Inspirational Jam: “The Greatest”-Sia feat. Kendrick Lamar

“Uh-oh, running now, I close my eyes…well, oh, I got stamina
And uh-oh, I see another mountain to climb, but I, I, I got stamina…”

Love, love, LOVE today’s Inspirational Jam! Sia’s track, “The Greatest,” with a verse from Kendrick Lamar, stays in rotation on my iPhone.

The song, including the creative music video, is actually a tribute to the victims of the Orlando mass shooting at Pulse nightclub almost two years ago. It has definitely served as encouragement to them, and to many others in the LGBTQ community. 

The song is also a major inspiration for me and others as well! While I have never gone through anything as traumatic as this tragedy, I have gone through my share of obstacles. We all have. However, for me, they’ve built stamina to keep pressing on. I hope the same for all of you!

Take a listen to the song below…


Inspirational Jam: “Four Pink Walls”-Alessia Cara

“I assumed there was only room for my dreams in my dreams, so I’d sleep and repeat ’til the moon went home. And I didn’t know where it’d take me…”

I was reminded of this great song by Alessia Cara while working on a playlist for my sister’s graduation party last night. Had to share it for this week’s Inspirational Jam!

On Alessia’s song “Four Pink Walls,” she sings about how, when she was a kid, she used to stare at the pink walls in her bedroom and dream of a better life. She wanted more for herself, and kind of felt stuck where she was. However, her talent and hard work ultimately opened a door for her to now be a successful, Grammy-winning artist!

I know that dream well. I didn’t have pink walls LOL, but I used to dream of reaching different goals that have finally happened for me. But it wasn’t just because I dreamed big. I put in the work, tears, money, losses, etc. etc. BUT IT EVENTUALLY HAPPENED. So I hope that this song serves as encouragement to someone on the verge of giving up to keep pushing and working, even if the dream doesn’t seem in reach.

Watch Alessia’s homemade video for this track below!