Inspirational Jam: “Never Back Down”-DEVMO

“If you think you are a champion, don’t talk about it, just prove it…”

Definitely had to share this track from musical artist DEVMO. Her work has been heard on multiple shows like “The Kardashians,” “Jersey Shore,” “All-American” (which I think is where I may have first heard this track!), and “Perfect Match” on Netflix. This song “Never Back Down” is one of my favorite songs right now!

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Words of Wisdom: “Stop Telling Yourself It Won’t Happen”-Mel Robbins

Today’s Words of Wisdom come from author and speaker Mel Robbins. I hope that this clip from her reminds you that your words have power — including the words you speak over your life.

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2023: A Year of Realignment

This post is really somewhat of a journal entry, but if it hit, let it stick. I’ll be honest with y’all, as I try my best to be. I lose myself from time to time. We all do. It happens because life happens. But between late 2020 and most of 2021….WHEW I was going through it. I was finally going through healing and self-accountability for my last romantic endeavor, and loneliness was taking its toll. So, when 2022 came around and I was in a better place, I just wanted to have fun. And boy, did I have a time last year!

When it came time to prepare a vision board for 2023, I THOUGHT my word for the new year would be “reinvention.” I was stuck on that for a while. I needed to look a certain way, act a certain way, make a certain amount of money, and make some serious life moves. I needed to “be different.” That was before praying and meditating on my 2023 ideas and goals.

God showed me that I didn’t need to “reinvent myself.” I needed to realign myself with my purpose for this site and the other plans He had for my life.

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Brittany Shawnté’s Interview on Host Tammy Padilla’s “Let’s Talk About Him – The Lord!”

Y’all, with everything I have going on, I forgot to share a HUGE piece of news on the site! I recently did an interview with host Tammy Padilla of Blessed Touch LLC, who has her own online show, Let’s Talk About Him-The Lord! Now, Ms. Tammy, as I call her (I’ve known her since I was a kid in church), regularly interviews singers, pastors, entrepreneurs, and others to share encouraging words and more about their spiritual lives. I’m so glad that we were finally able to get something on the books!

On the broadcast, I spoke about how Imperfectly B got started, my Monday Motivation eBook, my truly imperfect spiritual journey, and more! The few times people have interviewed me, I’ve definitely been really nervous (especially because I’m used to doing the interviewing myself!). However, this conversation really flowed, and I was so honored to share my story.

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LOL: Singer Inayah Shares Her Mom Woes on the #HrsAndHrsChallenge

Okay, so by now you MUST have heard “Hrs and Hrs” by singer Muni Long that has been sweeping social media. Influencers and couples alike have been running that song INTO THE GROUND. I love the track, but I had to take a break from listening before I end up disliking the song myself.

HOWEVER, I had to share this twist on the #HrsAndHrsChallenge, where top singers have been putting their own twist on the song. Singer Inayah was not about to be outdone, as she reflected on specifically being a mom to an infant on her own cover!

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