The Inaugural Anthem Awards Honors Celebs and Organizations Creating Social Change

I had to share a post about this new awards show I saw that I thought was so great! The inaugural Anthem Awards, a new awards show launched by The Webbys to recognize social impact work across the globe, was hosted virtually on February 28, 2022.

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College Student Graduates Alongside Her 88-Year-Old Grandfather

This was such a sweet story and a reminder that it’s not too late to get started on your dreams. In the new year, a young woman and her 88-year-old grandfather are taking on the world together as new college grads!

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Six Ways To Spark Inspiration on “Live Creative Day”

There seems to be a “National Day” for almost anything, but this one, I can get behind. September 14th is National Live Creative Day. The purpose of the day is to take time for creative hobbies that we may have pushed aside. Taking time for hobbies like painting, dancing, writing, and other outlets gives our minds time to reset and see things from a new perspective.

As adults, we often get swamped in work, family, and other things. So we don’t always have the time or energy to tap into our creativity and imagination with different hobbies. I challenge you (as I challenge myself) to do something today and beyond (at least once a week or month) that allows you to be creative and have fun.

Here are some great ways to explore your imagination and creativity on Live Creative Day!

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LOL: “Flower Man” Steals the Show at Outdoor Wedding

I LOVE love, but I especially love to see couples have fun and be silly together. A wedding ceremony typically is more serious, but one couple decided to have a little fun by inviting a relative to be their “flower man.” You just have to see this!

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LOL: Lawyer Gets Stuck With Cat Filter During Virtual Court Case on Zoom

With all of the craziness I’ve heard and seen with people trying to navigate this virtual world, I KNOW this was real. Recently, during a virtual court case, a lawyer managed to get his face stuck with a cat filter, and the video is circulating the internet like wildfire!

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