Inspirational Jam: “Chosen” – Madison Ryann Ward

Madison Ryann Ward smiling

“Don’t get caught up in comparison….keep it original like you been. This is the time to be all you can.”

Sharing this Inspirational Jam from singer Madison Ryann Ward! She first went viral with her short but powerful cover of Jonathan McReynolds‘ “God is Good.” This intro track, “Chosen” is featured on the singer’s full-length album, “A New Thing,” released on April 21, 2023. It is a reminder that you are here to do great things in this life, and I definitely need the reminder!

The soothing song, which blends gospel and soul, is encouragement for listeners. We have a higher purpose to do beautiful things with our talents, our gifts, and overall lives. I realize now that beautiful, great things don’t have to reach the masses to be great. And that there is beauty to be found also in our broken pieces and our imperfections. We can still accomplish wonderful things in our lives, even with our scars and traumatic pasts. This song

Take a listen to “Chosen” below, and be sure to follow Madison on social media!

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