It’s been a few months since I’ve written any new post for Imperfectly B (more on that later). However, I want to start this week (and new month…Hello May!) with a #MondayMotivation quote from the late Nelson Mandela.

As many of us know, life comes with a lot of ups and downs. You take hits. You face a lot of hurt. You stumble. You get knocked down. It’s inevitable. But there’s beauty in getting back up after you fall…no matter how long it takes you to rise up.

I know all too well. I’ve fallen off…gotten back up…and fallen off again way more times than I can count at this point throughout different aspects of my life. My writing. My health. My spiritual journey. My career. My mental health. We all do. We may have experienced moments of failure, but those times don’t make us failures. The fact that we keep rising back up after falling says a lot about our strength and resilience.

So, as we kick off this month, let me encourage you (as I encourage myself) to keep getting back up. In whatever area of your life where this hits right now. No matter how many times you’ve gotten off track. No matter how many times you’ve lost your way. This life is tough, but you’ve got this. Happy Monday, y’all.

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