Another Monday…the last Monday of February 2023. This quote from Serena Williams is definitely a great #MondayMotivation quote for us all this week. I hope it encourages you.

We all struggle with fears in this life — maybe fear of failing, negativity or rejection from others, not being good enough, or just facing new and uncertain things. This quote is a push to not let those fears win. When I think of Serena, I think of her hustle and drive to be the best in tennis. And I can only imagine that it didn’t come without its share of failures and fears. But she wanted to win. Not just all of these tennis matches or trophies, but at being the best in her craft. That drive to win fueled her.

I’ll admit this to y’all. I lost that drive a bit during the pandemic. My fire and my drive definitely diminished and moments of fear overtook me. Fear that certain dreams for my life wouldn’t come true so why should I bother trying? Over time, I have been building that desire to win back, recognizing that my wins and growth aren’t just for me. They’re for my family (both on earth and in heaven) and others who are watching/reading my words for inspiration. Yes, even y’all keep me motivated to keep working and growing.

Let your desire to win — to have new adventures and new opportunities, to grow in your craft, to achieve your goals — be greater than any fears you may have.

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