It may be a day off for some (Presidents Day), but it’s still Monday! So here’s some great #MondayMotivation from the late, great Shirley Chisholm.

In the quote, Ms. Chisholm admonishes us all to get off the sidelines and into the game of life. You can complain and whine all you want to, but real progress comes from putting ideas into action and going from there.

This quote, to me, sounds like some tough love, but it’s coming from a strong woman. I mean, you had to be strong in order to be the first Black woman in Congress AND the first woman and Black person to run for President of the United States. She was someone who very well could’ve stayed home and complained (and had a lot to complain about, mind you!). However, she decided to get involved in politics in her thirties and speak out against racial and gender inequality.

So I’m taking this one to heart this week. There are several ideas that I know I have for my future, but it doesn’t happen with just daydreaming or planning. Moves have to be made! So, if you are standing on the sidelines waiting for things to happen, it’s time to actually implement your ideas for your life. Let’s get to work!

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