Words of Wisdom: “You Are In Control of Your Happiness”-Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones on The View

Late Words of Wisdom for you all from the amazing Leslie Jones to hopefully encourage someone!

Before landing her job at “Saturday Night Live,” the comedienne talked with the ladies at “The View” about pushing through moments of wanting to hang up her stand up comic hat for good, but also recognized that that’s okay. “As long as you get up the next day and do what you got to do,” she said.

She also realized that we are each in control of finding our happiness in our lives. “YOU. ARE. Not your job, not your love, not your money … If you’re not happy, find out what makes you happy,” Jones stated. That’s facts.

While there are elements of chasing and achieving your dreams that is nice and fulfilling, that’s not all there is to you. Or at least it shouldn’t be. And even if you are chasing new goals, Leslie states that there’s still time to make them happen. “You not dead! Go!” she exclaimed.

Watch her Words of Wisdom below!


“You are in control of your own happiness!” #LeslieJones shares about a frustrating moment in her #comedy career before landing #SaturdayNightLive and she lessons she pulled from it. #TheView

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