Inspirational Jam: “Nah Gon Do”-Ashh Blackwood

Ashh Blackwood smiling

“Like I said before, don’t break your back when you need to do what’s best for you. One thing ya nah gon do is run yourself to the ground, you fool…”

Time for our weekly Inspirational Jam! This one comes from British artist Ashh Blackwood. It’s been a while, but I remember hearing “Nah Gon Do” as a trending sound on Instagram (which, for all of the quirks of IG, it is a great way to get into new artists). It’s a song that resonates because it’s about challenging yourself to do what’s best for your life, especially when you’re in dire need of change.

The song is a reminder to let go of whatever is truly not working for you and also to set important boundaries for your own sanity. While you need to keep fighting for what you want, it can’t be at the expense of your overall health. “Just gotta play a different game. Pick up your lip cuz it’s time for a change,” Ashh sings on the track.

Definitely love this song still. Take a listen to “Nah Gon Do” below!

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