Words of Wisdom: “Stop Telling Yourself It Won’t Happen”-Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins

Today’s Words of Wisdom come from author and speaker Mel Robbins. I hope that this clip from her reminds you that your words have power — including the words you speak over your life.

In a clip shared on Instagram, Mel speaks on how we can quickly give up on ourselves and our growth in life. “Deep down, you know what you want, but you won’t allow yourself to have it,” Mel stated. She revealed that several of us watch what others are doing and instantly speak negatively about what we can have and do. “You stop and consider the thing that you want or the thing that you want to do, and then you tell yourself it will never happen for you,” the speaker added.

I’ve said many times that your thoughts affect your actions which ultimately affect your results. If you think you can’t do something or have something, then you won’t truly go after it like you should. When you truly believe that you actually can have the life you want, you flip into action mode and put in the work towards getting what’s meant for you. Let’s speak more positively over ourselves, y’all.

Watch Mel’s words below.

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