Another Monday, another fresh start to the week. Today, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., today’s #MondayMotivation quote comes directly from the great civil rights leader. It’s a quote that was certainly relevant to his work, but it is also a challenge to us today as we face life.

It’s really easy to speak out on issues when everyone else is on your side, but it’s a whole other thing to break out against the norm. It’s easy to put in the work when you’re excited and motivated. But what about it’s hard? What about when you’re challenged? Do you stick to the status quo or do you challenge it? Do you stay silent or do you speak up? Do you quit or do you push through?

I won’t say that I’ve never succumbed to peer pressure, been quiet, or given up at certain points in my life, even as an adult. Everyone has their moments of wanting to quit or throwing in the towel at times. We’re human. But this quote is a reminder to try to focus on the bigger picture, the bigger aim. What do you really stand on or what are you really trying to accomplish?

For Dr. King and countless others, it was and continues to be the fight for civil rights and equity in this country and around the globe. He and others were willing to lay down their lives for that belief. For others, it’s personal goals: getting a degree, buying a home, owning your own business, or getting healthy. No matter the goal, there are going to be moments of ease and comfort, and then there are going to be moments of challenges and difficulties. But, if the bigger picture truly matters to you, you need to be willing to fight for it, even when it gets tough.

What are you fighting for right now?

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