Inspirational Jam: “Flawless”-Tyla Jane

Tyla Jane Flawless

“I’ve been working in the kitchen..stirring up success
I got it baked up to perfection. Not worry about no mention…”

This Inspirational Jam from singer/songwriter Tyla Jane is really for me, but I hope some of y’all add it to your playlists! “Flawless” isn’t about claims of perfection, but rather acceptance of who you are and how you move in this thing called life.

“I’m flawless, and by that I mean I’m perfectly flawed,” the singer croons at the beginning of the song. Throughout the track, Tyla sings about loving herself all while working towards her latest goals, in spite of what any naysayers think.

That’s my energy for 2023 and beyond. I can’t be worried about what anyone else thinks or believes about me and my purpose. I’m focused on doing the work consistently. You should be too. Hopefully, this song encourages you.

Take a listen to the track below!

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