Happy Monday, y’all! Yes, the weekend’s over, but it’s another week to work toward our goals so I’m excited. Hoping that today’s #MondayMotivation quote will encourage someone struggling with doubt today.

As you pursue new ideas and goals, you will certainly face moments of doubting just how far you can go. Am I really the person for this job? I’m not equipped for this. I don’t think I can do this. We’ve all been there, but think about how far you have come. How much you’ve grown and how much you’ve learned. You can indeed tackle what’s ahead because you’ve probably already faced seasons where you didn’t think you would make it. But you did.

I’m right there with you. I’m personally in another weird season of life where I’m definitely winning, but I still have other dreams that haven’t been realized. I’m working towards them, but I’m also dealing with self-doubt in my abilities. But then I look back on how far I’ve come. For 32, I’m doing pretty well, and I feel like I’m only getting started.

For me, when I’m struggling with self-doubt, that’s where my faith in God really kicks in. He’s brought me through a lot, and continues to bless me — not just with material things but also peace and perseverance for my journey. I also encourage myself to not compare my own accomplishments and dreams with what others have going on. Everyone’s journeys are different. All I can do is keep praying, working, growing, and believing on my end. That’s all any of us can do.

Wishing you an amazing Monday and a productive week!

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