Inspirational Jam: “Do It Anyway”-Erica Mason

“I love the way I took the pain and now it’s working for me…I’m coming back for everything that was taken

For today’s Inspirational Jam, I had to share this track, “Do It Anyway” by hip hop and R&B artist/songwriter Erica Mason. This song, which was released in late 2022, gets me fired up in the morning to tackle my to-do lists so I figured I would share!

On the track, Erica encourages listeners to keep pushing towards their goals in spite of failures and naysayers. “Sometimes you just gotta stop caring about what everybody else thinks and just live your life, you know?” the artist shares on the song’s intro.

With facing new opportunities and goals, I’m a huge believer in acknowledging your doubts and fears…and then doing it anyway. This song is a reminder that even if you’ve failed before (or fail again in the midst of your goals), even if you don’t have the support you would like, even if people try to knock your dreams, KEEP TRYING.

Take a listen to the song below with the official lyric video!

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